Cosby, The Man I Used To Admire

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This column is tough for me. It took me time to even type the first word to start this for about two weeks or so. Then when the new info came out about Dr. Bill Cosby and his deposition. I was shocked to say the least after reading the things I read Mr. Cosby had… Read more »

The Soul Of A Woman

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One of the beauties of the interaction between men and women is that when we allow ourselves, we can gain a deeper knowledge base of each other’s inner workings. Of course, will we never completely understand every idiosyncrasy about each other but that is a part of what makes this thing called life incredibly interesting…. Read more »

A Letter To My Daughter

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To my daughter,   I am fortunate to have had only one of you. This is for two reasons. One, if I had to two daughters, I would be killing or threatening twice as many people on a daily basis. Secondly, how do you tell two women that they are the most beautiful you’ve ever… Read more »


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I am going to address a very close and personal topic to me that moves my soul in its complete entirety in this week’s blog. There are many forms of the term “Loyalty”, but I want to speak with the fathers out there today. When I say loyalty I am referring to that in which… Read more »

No More Catering To Women

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mona lisa

My days of catering to women are officially over (at least for now). I just don’t have the time. No more going out of my way to please or satisfy anyone in particular. No more jumping through hoops or going that extra mile. I am off the market until further notice. I’m cool with dating… Read more »

6 Reasons I Can’t Date A Big Girl

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girls on the beach

Dating big women is a common subject within the single male community these days. Some guys enjoy them and some don’t. However, in order to give them power and confidence the term “BBW” has been coined. I don’t agree with this term because all big women aren’t beautiful. Some are just down right disgusting. I… Read more »