Eric Terrade

My days of catering to women are officially over (at least for now). I just don’t have the time. No more going out of my way to please or satisfy anyone in particular. No more jumping through hoops or going that extra mile. I am off the market until further notice. I’m cool with dating myself. Being in a relationship in general is no longer my focus. Since my breakup a couple of months ago, I’ve grown to enjoy being single. I don’t owe anybody anything and I no longer have to compromise. I no longer have to lose arguments for the sake of ending an argument. No more going places I never wanted to go. No more doing things I never wanted to do or have zero interest in doing. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

No more buying luxurious Valentine’s Day gifts, fancy little cards, overpriced dinners and expensive chocolate. I’m pleased with not having to spend unnecessary money on Edible Arrangements. Women love Edible Arrangements. No man orders fruit for delivery or takeout for himself. This business was designed solely for women. I paid $100 for cut up fruit with heart shaped pineapples and red grape kabobs. Do you know I could have sliced fresh fruit myself and saved about $80 – $90? That’s what I get for catering. Men do it all the time. Women like to justify reasons to spend money on stupid stuff. A female friend of mine just spent $70 loosely on olive oil (I know, WTF) and spends $35 to get her nails done every other week. I say that to say this, I’m glad I don’t have to spend any more money (catering). She’s debating on whether or not to spend $200 on a leather backpack that she’ll probably only use only once. She tells me about male friends that pay for dinners etc. which made me think. She spends money on stupid things she wants and men also spend their hard earned money on stupid things she wants. It all sounds stupid to me.

To be continued 3/29…