After The Love Is Gone

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The “Far More” vs The “Care Less” One of the strangest feelings is to be a relationship where there is a pronounced love imbalance. A love imbalance simply is when one person is far more into their significant other than the significant other is into them. For the sake of this piece, we will refer… Read more »

Letter To Current And Prospective Husbands

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  Dear Gentlemen, Recently, I ran across a piece on social media regarding the 30 Rules for Godly Women to follow with regard to themselves and their husbands: Some of the comments about the piece were interesting to say the least but for the most part the women who commented were in agreement with… Read more »

How To Control Your Team

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Every team has integral parts that make it successful. From the locker room leaders, to the star, to the role players who are very good at one particular piece, everyone contributes to the success. The coaching however, must be flawless. As a coach you must properly place players in positions, actively rotate players on and… Read more »

How Women Take The Wheel

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If you are a man, you will think about sex and the attractiveness of the opposite sex very often. It doesn’t matter where you are. It can be at the grocery store, mall, hospital, car wash, hell even the dental office. Wherever attractive women will conjugate, trust that there are a pair of beady men… Read more »

The Soul Of A Woman

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One of the beauties of the interaction between men and women is that when we allow ourselves, we can gain a deeper knowledge base of each other’s inner workings. Of course, will we never completely understand every idiosyncrasy about each other but that is a part of what makes this thing called life incredibly interesting…. Read more »

The “Look Taken” Man

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Recently, I encountered a conversation that threw me for a bit of a loop. A female colleague of mine made a statement that a guy “looked taken”. When further inquired, she stated that she couldn’t explain but that he just did. When I probed a few female friends about what “looked taken” meant, none of… Read more »

Examples Of Failed Relationships

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A relationship that doesn’t end in marriage is a failed relationship correct? If so, I’ve experienced my fair share of failed relationships. But with every failure comes a lesson. I wanted to examine a possible reason of why these patterns exist. Grandparents (divorced) My grandparents divorced before I was even born. So my mother got… Read more »