Woman Thinking

Part II of these much debated questions that women have asked me to address on why men do certain things that we do.

Question 6

Why do men always watch porn, when they could have a perfectly good woman at home to make love to?

This question always seems to arise in all debates between men and woman that I have participated in. Right to the point, it very well may be because we like it as a hobby of sorts. This may sound trivial to some but is true in some cases nonetheless. Secondly, we may want to try new things and look for guidance with sexual positions or enhance our talk game during intercourse. Third of all, your private part better known as a “Vagina” as some of you may call it, may not be as good as you proclaim it to be. You know looks do not mean everything there are plenty of women who look good and are lame in between those sheets. To be exact, you may be boring or we may not be physically compatible so we use porn to unleash our hidden fantasies. But, for the most part, porn is used as a tool for entertainment purposes; no different from how you may be engulfed in your reality T.V. It is not all that serious due to the simple fact we are watching it on television not in person or interacting with the woman literally. So, please get your panties out your behinds and if you feel some type of way about it then step your bedroom game up! Lastly, could you please stop making everything we do about you! Sometimes, we do things harmlessly and have no ill intentions at all, we just like the thought of seeing certain visuals that assists in arousing us to knock the lining out of your stuffing. ALL MEN ARE VISUAL CREATURES!!

Question 7

Why do men procrastinate with giving their significant other oral sex but always want their partner to do it?

Self-explanatory, we like to receive oral sex more than you do. This is a fact. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. You may say you can argue this point, but ask yourself this one question first “How many times have you given a man oral sex and afterwards he went to sleep or appeared to be content and did not need penetration to complete this session?” True, we may like penetration too but if we already busted an extreme load, then we are good for the time being, unless we are having a “Superman moment” and need seconds or maybe even thirds. You can argue the fact that we may be selfish due to this thought process, okay maybe so, and so what I do not see you trying to partake in any extra activities after you have a life-changing orgasm either. As I have previously stated before, we are visual creatures. This is the only position that can visually-compete with doggy-style. 9 out of 10 would take oral daily, if offered. Trust me we can see your silhouette even in the dark. For the ones that may say no, add it up ladies that simply means your head is “Garbage” and in turn, will not influence us to reciprocate in any form or fashion. Just saying next question!

Question 8

Why do men feel their partner should cater to them and they do not reciprocate in return?

This is not the case for all men. Just as we all know there may be some women that do not believe in this either does not constitute the right to assume all men are this way. If you are dealing with a man of this stature then more times than not, he may of had a disconnect with a parent or loved one prior to your involvement/relationship. He may have never learned how to love someone else but be clear everyone knows how they would like to be loved themselves. This is a mere fact of human nature. Not making excuses for this type of misconduct being that, I too and married and we share responsibilities and take it very serious to provide for one another’s needs as any given time. In some cases, he may not think he is even doing such an act or that he may not be fulfilling your needs. With any relationship you must sacrifice and communicate. There are certain things we all can tolerate and some we cannot, if he so happens to not be self-conscious enough after you communicate to him about how he is making you feel then you have to ask yourself, “is it worth you staying?” Some of us will not change this is true for men or women.

Question 9

Why do men start unnecessary disputes in order for them to have a valid excuse to leave home to spend time with their friends or another woman?

Honestly, would you allow him to go if he told you the truth? No, I am sure that you would not. He does not want drama in his life, which is probably why he rather be with the fellas or another woman rather than be at home arguing with you on why you are so damn possessive and bossy. When he leaves under these type conditions, (1) He does not have to inform you of his whereabouts, (2) He can stay out for a longer period of time because you are not speaking at the moment, (3) You probably are too controlling and act as though you are his mother and he needs to report to you and ask for permission to leave the house, (4) Just because you are in a relationship does not warrant the two of you to confinement with no parole, every individual in a relationship needs “Me time” to stay sane. (5) You never want to share his time with others, (6) He may already have made plans to attend an important event with his friends only and he does not feel like wasting time waiting on the right moment to tell you he has plans, (7) Or maybe this is his natural way of cooling off after you have pissed him off and as we men like to say “It is better to get pissed off than pissed on!” Truthfully speaking, your insecurities and lack of trust may have lead him to this as a last resort. If you cannot trust him then maybe you should not be in a relationship with him. As far as the other woman, well I just explained all the reasons why she exists. Next question!

Question 10

Why do men think it is okay to pass gas around their significant other but if she does then she is labeled as being nasty or unladylike, if she does it too?

Blame this one on society as a whole. Your own mothers, grandmothers, and great-great grandmothers have raised women to believe that a woman should have a sense of class and worthiness that affords her the right to say she is all woman. We did not make the rules they were already set in place for us to abide by and a woman who farts in public or around others without going to the bathroom is considered grotesque. Men are classified as wild mammals that have to be tamed with age, maturity, male-role models, and a strong intelligent woman. If you out here doing what we do then how can you assist us with this growth process? Class in every way of the word and meaning defines a woman to a tee. We cannot have everyone letting one go that would cause some sort of chemical imbalance. Why can’t men smack their lips when talking? For the same reasons you should not fart around us, some things are not proper.

Try to open your minds and see things from our side of the fence. You will find that we have valid points too. Part III on the way I am still compiling questions feel free to add some in the comments box if you have some that I have not addressed yet. Any thoughts?