After The Love Is Gone

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The “Far More” vs The “Care Less” One of the strangest feelings is to be a relationship where there is a pronounced love imbalance. A love imbalance simply is when one person is far more into their significant other than the significant other is into them. For the sake of this piece, we will refer… Read more »

How To Be A Good Wingman

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Since the beginning of time, man has been able to accomplish far more together than alone. For example, if you were going to attack a bear two men would stand a far better chance. It’s a simple numbers game. However, in order to be successful in taking down said bear, you must work as a… Read more »

How To Control Your Team

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Every team has integral parts that make it successful. From the locker room leaders, to the star, to the role players who are very good at one particular piece, everyone contributes to the success. The coaching however, must be flawless. As a coach you must properly place players in positions, actively rotate players on and… Read more »

How Women Take The Wheel

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If you are a man, you will think about sex and the attractiveness of the opposite sex very often. It doesn’t matter where you are. It can be at the grocery store, mall, hospital, car wash, hell even the dental office. Wherever attractive women will conjugate, trust that there are a pair of beady men… Read more »

Tragedy & Comedy

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Over the years, my dating life has seen it’s share of both these masks. If you are unfamiliar with them they are comedy and tragedy. Greek in nature and linked to a variety of early plays from Shakespearean theater. A great example is Hamlet in which everyone dies and there is no happy ending, a… Read more »

Me And My Crazy World

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One of the most interesting things about being a single man is when you come to realization that you have options of to choose who and how you want to date. Let’s be real – the world is filled with a bevy of beautiful women desiring and waiting for the right guy to come along… Read more »

The Do’s & Don’ts Of The First Date

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The first date is something we all dread. You went through that first process of getting the phone number or making contact to set up the date, in which a woman can change her mind and decide she’s not interested anymore. Yep, just like that. In a 24 hour period you can go from the… Read more »

Beware Of… The Damaged Woman – Part 2

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In part 1, I broke down a few rules to assist with avoiding the damaged woman as much as possible. Speaking for myself, I am a magnet for these types of women and had to force myself to follow these rules to avoid self inflicted stress. Many people in my life have identified me as… Read more »

Beware Of… The Damaged Woman – Part 1

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We all have our issues. Some more than others obviously, but issues nonetheless. However, there are many women out there bringing past issues to the table that have destroyed them inside and have never allowed them to rebuild internally. In some cases it is impossible to site these issues from the start. I’ve come to… Read more »

5 Keys To Asking A Woman Out

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woman on wall

Pop quiz: “What’s the correct way to ask a woman out on a date?” Trust me, it’s ok if you don’t have an answer to the question. Here’s some truth: the average man has been approaching women since the age of 12 (and for some of us, that age was much earlier). And despite YEARS of practice, we… Read more »

Dating As A Guy With Kids

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man on bridge

A recent event has brought me to the point of asking, “Is it harder for a single mom to find a significant other, or a guy still doing his fatherly duties (guy with kids) to find a partner?” Many people automatically jump into the corner of the single mother because they sympathize with her plight… Read more »