FatherI am going to address a very close and personal topic to me that moves my soul in its complete entirety in this week’s blog. There are many forms of the term “Loyalty”, but I want to speak with the fathers out there today. When I say loyalty I am referring to that in which you should have automatically towards your kids. Far too many young and old fathers out there these days are not being loyal to their children as they should be. Yes, I am aware there are many men that are doing as they should and raising their children and some may even be raising another man’s child or children as well, this is the exact reason for this blog.

The issue I have with these irresponsible, self-centered, excuse-having, “Mr. I cannot find a job”, and “Mr. Excuses” is that they are giving the men out here who are actively engaged within their children’s lives, be it, with or without the children’s mother is that they consistently increase unnecessary complications causing stress upon the fathers who are doing the right thing, especially within the court systems throughout the fifty states.

Be clear young and old men, I too, have to interact with my children’s drama-filled and unpleasant mother who is also my ex-wife. This is not a valid excuse to jump ship regardless of how your child’s or children’s mother may mistreat you. I have taken consultation from my parents and one of my best friends on several occasions to assist me in staying in the fight. I am aware that your children’s mother may make every conversation about her instead of the child or children you have conceived together. I am aware that they will be days when you cannot agree on the days and times that are spent with your child or children. I am aware that you may not get your way when it comes to every decision that is made concerning your child’s well-being, but as a “MAN”, you must adapt, endure, and overcome any issues for that child or children.

Honestly, how could you as a man leave your child without your love and support? If it was you and your own Father left you hanging I am positive that you would how some type of grudge for a lifetime against that man. But, what baffles me the most is there are many men that are raised by their mother and instead of making a change of the vicious cycle they too turn around and become the same shit bag as their so called Father was. HOW CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF A MAN AND SIMPLY ABANDON YOUR CHILD OR CHILDREN? What type of creep are you? Your child or children deserve better and you owe them more. I know everyone may not be religious or spiritual but you must know this is wrong. Society sits here and boasts all these expectations and aspirations, but we must look at the root of the issue. A Dual parenting environment soothes the transitions of a child’s life helps them pick up the pieces when they fall. A strong foundation can take your far in life. Yes, there are many successful men and women who were raised only by their mothers love, but that cannot substitute for not having their father’s presence in their lives. There are an abundancy of situations that life will throw at us and to not have your father there to support you through that hardship enables these children to grow up with hatred towards men if the child is a girl or causing the boy child to not know how to raise his own son or daughter in the future. Children should not have to grow up thinking something may be wrong with them physically or mentally due to your lack of parenting.

But some of you men want to brag about being loyal to your friends, other family members, or maybe even the next female’s children, and some of you to your new found love for the time being. If you are not taking care of your blood then how or should I say why are you so easily focused on taking care of everyone else’s before your children? MEN OF THIS STATURE I, CHALLENGE YOU DIG DEEP WITHIN YOURSELFS AND HONE YOUR PARENTING SKILLS AND EMBACE FATHERHOOD. Being a Father has taught me a great deal about life and love. You do not know what you are missing out on. For our children’s sake men be a Father to your child, not a daddy or sperm donor. Loyalty to your children will bring your life nothing but peace and happiness and teach them in return of what a man is supposed to look like, not aiding them into looking for a Father’s love from television, online, social media, random men, or another relative to fill that empty void. Do not let another man take on your responsibility and endure all of your challenges as a Father. I am not saying he cannot assist but that should be the line. We cannot expect to have positive young men and women who know how to love and take care of their families and businesses if we leave them astray and not be a father to our children.