The women of today seem to be intrigued with the what, why, and how of the many motives as to why do us men conduct ourselves in certain mannerisms. I will attempt to be exact with all of my explanations to these five questions.

Question 11

Why do men constantly adjusting their private member, whether conversing with friends or their loved ones and in some cases even at work?

I find this question to be hilarious. So it is true, that women all look at us massage that lower member of ours. Well, ladies we already knew that and you all are not slick by trying to peek on the sly. Known fact: Women of all nationalities are just as curious of the opposite as we are of them fellas, Trust Me! Now back to the question at hand. Most of the time it is a force of habit of nature. If our private needs a shift due to how we may have been sitting and he is uncomfortable in his attire, we then readjust him to assist in lessening the pain of the undies may be causing. Sometimes we may be lost in thought about a sexual moment and he rises to the occasion, if you catch my drift! There are times when we may be engaged in an intense conversation with our friend about a certain woman we are fantasying about having a sexual experience with or we may already had it and we are relaying the details to our friend. We tend to grab Mr. Johnson to express how good it was or could be. And then there are some of us that do it to get your attention and see if you are noticing to see if you are a “Meat Gazer”. But, for the most part, we do it without a thought involved it just happens.

Question 12

Why are men concerned whether or not they are better than any of your exes?

Who would want to be with their current significant other if it is understood that they cannot please you better than your ex? Honestly, even if he is strong-minded at some point he would think that you would attempt to seek your old flame back to get that loving you are missing. Yes, this seems petty, but insecure men always expect the worst in the other half. But for the more secure fellow he is only asking to get to know you better and he is trying to see if you would actually tell him the truth good or bad. This will allow him to have a better assessment of your open lines of communication to see if you could become the misses one day. Then there is the freak who just wants to blow your back out more than any other. Basically, it all depends on the type of man you are dealing with, you do the math.

Question 13

Why do men think they are to keep the T.V. remote in their possession only?

Do we ask you why do you hold onto the T.V. remote in the bedroom? No, we do not. When we come in there to spend some quality time with you all we do is get into bed and hold you. Let be real we genuinely do not share the same likes with you about certain shows or sports. What we like to watch does not look good on smaller televisions, laptops, or smartphones. How can you get a true feeling of a special play or scene from sports with a little screen and no surround sound to boot? The shows you watch need volume only because they are all based on some type of drama. Do you offer the remote to us? No, you do not, so calm down record your shows like you been doing with DVR.

Question 14

Why do men get caught cheating and want to blame it on their significant other?

Because it is your damn fault. If you take care of home like you are supposed to then you would not be in this predicament now, would you? Okay, that may have been a too insensitive to some of you out there. This may be true in some cases because you have made them unhappy in some way or another, and sometimes it is because we are greedy, selfish, and egotistical people.

Question 15

Why do men dislike using protection during sexual intercourse?

Sex was not meant to be conducted in this manner. For some of us we had the privilege to partake in sex without protection and found it to be more enjoyable in some aspects. Generally speaking after I utilized condoms on frequent basis then sex started to become just as enjoyable as before. It is all mental and it takes some practice for those of us that are used to the natural way. Sometimes it is better to feel those juices on our third legs ladies.

Let me know your thoughts ladies and gents.

Zack B