New Year, Still Me

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2016 is finally here and so many events are on the horizon. Donald Trump is running for president and the entire pool of political hopefuls are for lack of better word…trash. The “#BLACKLIVESMATTER” campaign is in full effect and the NFL playoffs are full speed ahead with some perennial teams in attendance and some long… Read more »

5 Reasons To Live In A Foreign Country

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I know some of you have read the title and immediately thought, “There has to be a list of specific countries he is referring to.” You are correct. Any country that is not currently involved in a civil war, coup, hostile takeover, confirmed enemy of the United States etc. Despite popular belief, there are plenty… Read more »

Key & Peele – The End Of An Era

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In 2005, when Dave Chappelle walked away from his enormously popular and groundbreaking sketch comedy show “Chappelle Show”, a void was left with a dire need to be filled.  “Chappelle Show” wasn’t the first of its kind – but it was the first to be truly allowed no limits in terms of content and presentation…. Read more »

The Seven Types Of Friends

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In 1984, the Brooklyn based hip-hop group Whodini released “Friends”. They told us that, “we all have them”. What they didn’t tell us, was that friends come in various shapes and sizes, for lack of a better term. As for myself, I keep a small group of friends that I feel I can always depend… Read more »

Me And My Crazy World

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One of the most interesting things about being a single man is when you come to realization that you have options of to choose who and how you want to date. Let’s be real – the world is filled with a bevy of beautiful women desiring and waiting for the right guy to come along… Read more »

A Letter To My Daughter

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To my daughter,   I am fortunate to have had only one of you. This is for two reasons. One, if I had to two daughters, I would be killing or threatening twice as many people on a daily basis. Secondly, how do you tell two women that they are the most beautiful you’ve ever… Read more »

The “Look Taken” Man

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Recently, I encountered a conversation that threw me for a bit of a loop. A female colleague of mine made a statement that a guy “looked taken”. When further inquired, she stated that she couldn’t explain but that he just did. When I probed a few female friends about what “looked taken” meant, none of… Read more »

Fathers: Fact Or Myth

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Every third Sunday in June is Father’s Day. It is a time of celebration for some. For others, it is a time of reflection. However you spend the day, it is interesting that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day share very little in common save for the idea that it is a time set aside to… Read more »

Where Did Hip-Hop Go?? Part I

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“Times have changed… and it’s cool to look bummy and be a dumb dummy and disrespect your mummy. Have you forgotten… who put you on this Earth? Who brought you up right… and who loved you since your birth?”: “Hey Young World” – Slick Rick Recently, I turned on a local “hip-hop” station while driving… Read more »

Am I My Mother’s Keeper?

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I was raised by a strong Black woman, who provided me with a very comfortable place to call home. Our home was the type of place that friends visited and didn’t want to go home. She had really made it into a nice haven from the world. I took pride in saying that our house… Read more »

Quit Watching The News

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airport terminal

Mainstream news is toxic. It floods our brain with bad news, constantly. Everything on The News is negative. Every so often, they will shine the light on someone who is making something positive out of a negative situation. Being positive about something negative doesn’t change the fact that it’s still negative. Think about it. What… Read more »

The Unforgivable Sin

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man sitting in church

We live in an unforgiving time for men where our mistakes are more pronounced and open than ever. Commit a crime as a public figure and TMZ will be all over it. Commit a crime as a non-public figure and a text message is sure to be sent informing those who know you about what… Read more »