We all have our issues. Some more than others obviously, but issues nonetheless. However, there are many women out there bringing past issues to the table that have destroyed them inside and have never allowed them to rebuild internally. In some cases it is impossible to site these issues from the start. I’ve come to believe that there are always a few cues into a female’s background regardless of how subtle they might be. In order to understand what a damaged woman is and how to identify it, one must have a criteria or evaluation process. I will share the three questions I use to evaluate what or who I’m dealing with. These questions have saved me a bit of heartache in the past and I hope it can do the same for you.

1. A Simple Arithmetic Question

I’m not saying ask the final result of 2+2 or the full Quadratic Equation. I usually ask 11×11. It’s a fairly simple question and shouldn’t take paper and pencil to discern the answer. This gives me an insight into the basic education of the woman and if she is someone that I should even be dealing with. Other evaluation criteria that may be used are questions that reference current events, general geography questions or other common knowledge. Examples of these questions are: How many stars are on the American flag? How long has America been a country? What female is attempting to run for President in the near future? How many continents are there? How many days in the year? …and so on.

2. Legal Activities

I always ask in some way, “Have you ever been to family court?” For those who don’t know, family court usually handles child support issues. Unless she is just a stone cold b*tch, most likely she had to force a guy to support his own child, which doesn’t say much for her choice in men. Also, try to do some investigation into her former relationships. The type, style, demographic, economical standing, even criminal background of her former lovers will let you know so much. Most people would want to know who owned a car before them. These days unless you catch them young, it’s really hard to get a new car.

3. Father Figure

You can’t ask this question right out the gate unless she is super comfortable with you as it can kill the mood. However, there is a lot to be said about a female who grows up with a positive male role model. If she doesn’t know her father, hates him, or doesn’t consider him to be a good person then you can one night stand her or totally avoid the interaction all together. If she loves her father, then you have a pretty good chance of her being a quality woman with decent moral values. Overall, though you should also explore the relationship with the mother to find out if someone taught her how to be a lady.

Don’t get me wrong, some women give all the right answers to these questions and still end up being horrible people. In the end though, work on establishing your own evaluation program and response criteria. Next week, in part two I will share some of the damaged women I’ve encountered and what the causes were.

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