Matthew Wiebe

To my daughter,


I am fortunate to have had only one of you. This is for two reasons. One, if I had to two daughters, I would be killing or threatening twice as many people on a daily basis. Secondly, how do you tell two women that they are the most beautiful you’ve ever met? Regardless of who I meet and continue my future with, you will always be my number one girl. Many men will enter your life and I can only hope that I set a good enough example as a man to ensure that you make the right choice one time in your life. Not that I will never regret having you at an early age but I know I would have been able to be a better father if I could be there full time. Don’t let my decisions influence your choice in men. Choose a man that will love you and cherish you. Understand when you have bad days, and always remember your special days. A man that will send you flowers for no reason and call you on break at work just to say hello. Remember to take care of your brother. He will be a great man but he will need your support when times get rough. There will be a guy that breaks your heart, please don’t let your brother beat him up. Just remember that for every guy that breaks your heart there are two that will love unconditionally. Well, lets make that one. I will always love you unconditionally.

Never settle for second best, always remember your goals. Being a house wife is over rated. Go out, educate, and conquer the world for yourself. Be the woman you would want your future daughter to be. I understand that college will be the experimental phase of your life…I never want to hear about it. Remember there are some things you should take to grave with you. Always take pride in your appearance, even on laundry day. People should always see you at your best, even when you feel your worst. I can tell you many things. I can share with you my experiences from traveling the world. I can share with you what it feels like to defend the freedoms of your fellow man/woman. I will always prefer that you find out these things on your own as a result of my thrilling adventures. Understand that we all make choices in life and sometimes we make the wrong ones. As long as you learn from these choices then you will continue to become a better person. The last piece of advice that I will offer will be the most valuable. Wait until you are married to have children. Live life, improve yourself, travel the world, and then settle down. This will enable you to live life with no regrets. This in itself will make you a better person and a better parent.


Love always,

Your father.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.