In part 1, I broke down a few rules to assist with avoiding the damaged woman as much as possible. Speaking for myself, I am a magnet for these types of women and had to force myself to follow these rules to avoid self inflicted stress. Many people in my life have identified me as a “fixer” of sorts, because I always seem to have the answer to problems. I educate myself a lot by reading, researching, and generally searching out the most updated information on many topics. For some reason, no matter where I am, people are drawn to me with the intent of discussing what’s on their minds. I gladly oblige usually, but of course this can be annoying at times. This characteristic has also made me a target for damaged women. The term “damaged” applies to many different situations and as such, I must discuss a few of these and share how to identify them before you find yourself in an undesirable situation. When I use this term, I am talking about any situation emotional or physical that has affected a person in such a way that they no longer operate within society perceived social norms. An example of this is a traumatizing incident with a parent that leads to an individual no longer trusting men or women. I’m not talking PTSD related events, as they affect people on a different level and can usually be talked through over time. Enough of my rambling… let’s get to it.

4. Daddy Issues

Men everywhere talk about this and usually reference it to strippers and prostitutes. It’s more than just that though. How your woman interacts with you is a direct reflection of her adolescent relationship with her father. It can be many things, not just her choice of lifestyle. Look for signs of comfort from other men, usually if she is into older men as well. A woman who usually prefers the company of men over women also suffers, if even just subconsciously, from lack of fatherly attention.

5. Betrayal

Once a woman gets cheated on, it is hard for her to ever trust again. If you start interacting with a woman and she’s always questioning you about your activities and whereabouts, then she might have some “trust issues.” This is the last situation you want to be attached to. Your every move, work hour, phone call, text, and email will be monitored closely. Female co-worker?… forget it. Female friend?… no dice. Any female cousin beyond 3rd, you might as well sever that relationship. Okay, maybe it won’t get that serious, but she will never fully trust you because of the last guy. Also, as a quick note, never date a girl that cheats on her significant other with you. She will mostly likely cheat on you when she gets bored.

6. Recovering Addicts

This is a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow. I’m not saying there is no chance for this to develop into something real, but there is always a chance that any type of super stressful situation, unhappy event, or just a plain old bad day, that she/he can revert back to the item of comfort.

7. Baby Daddy Drama

Beware of any woman who brings her child on the first date. She is clearly looking for you to be a father figure, and you may not be ready for that. Don’t date a woman with kids that misbehave. This tells you, she is afraid to discipline them. Evaluate this situation very carefully before you dive right in. If he still wants her back, then you are in instant competition. Also remember, that 9 times out of 10, the baby daddy can usually get those cookies again if he wants them.


There are so many ways that a woman can be damaged. The most important thing to remember is that women are more emotionally driven than males. Situations effect them totally different because of this small fact. If you are going to attempt to date a woman with issues, you will have to be a very patient man.

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