Jay Wennington

I never understood why so many hot women are single or at least they pretend to be online — specifically on Instagram. Men throw themselves at these women all day long and women get to take their pick. It’s hard to believe that out of all of these choices, women can’t find a man. What is it specifically? What is the real reason behind it? A friend of mine once told me, “There’s always some guy out there that’s tired of her shit.” I believe this to be true.

We never know what’s going on behind closed doors. People make assumptions based upon what they see. On social media, people may appear to be happy on the surface, but they are completely miserable on the inside. For every 1 smile you see, there’s actually 9 frowns behind the scenes of life.

Think about it, how often do you see people post sad, unhappy or depressed photos of their self? My guess is hardly ever; I don’t see it occur. People don’t post photos of them in tears crying. People don’t boast and brag about how stressed out their lives truly are. Instead they filter it and only show you streamlined images of what’s considered to be good and healthy. It’s all a facade.

Women are slaves for attention; between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, social media is the perfect concoction.

The reason a lot of these women are single is because they live their lives through phones and apps. They have unfortunately adapted to “digital men.” Whereas the men are real but the experiences are not. Interacting with men in real-life is burdensome to “digital women.” It requires too much effort when they have hundreds of unknown men at their fingertips feeding them what they most desire — attention (with minimal effort). In some cases, it is nearly impossible for women to disuse their phone during real-life interactions to simply relish the moment. They are alerted every few tick marks with notifications from digital men who they don’t personally know. I swear these women are like addicts — chain smokers. They can’t go a full hour without lighting up. New likes, retweets and back to back comments releases dopamine in the female brain. Received responses will amplify the emotion. It is my true belief that once women become addicted to social media there is no turning back.

No man wants a relationship with a woman who is that exposed. 113k followers, why? What is it that you do? Women desperately post sexually driven photos for the entire world to see and add its two cents. I personally would prefer that my partner save those visuals for the bedroom exclusively. Instead, women voluntarily share their most intimate and explicit images for digital men to jackoff to — for free (with minimal effort). It’s pretty fast and intense. For women it’s like putting attention in the microwave for 3 minutes and watching it cook. I guess digital women are getting what they want and digital men are presumably getting what they want in return. Where does that leave us in terms of real-life relationships?

I don’t want to be in a relationship where my partner spends more time on social media than with me. I don’t want us to go out to dinner and not be able to enjoy a good meal because she has her face glued to the screen. I don’t want to be interrupted while having sex because her phone constantly vibrates with new notifications and messages from complete strangers. I don’t want a Happy Birthday text with an emoji cake. I want a real cake with a face to face or phone call at the least.

Do you know why the selfie stick was created? It’s because people are alone. Women take selfies because there is no other human being around to take a pleasing photo for them. We are alone. Society has made taking selfies a cool thing when in actuality it isn’t. The definition of selfie is: a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. Now that all cameras are digital, unlike a classic Polaroid camera, women will take 40 photos just to capture the so-called perfect shot to upload online. I’ve seen it with my own eyes; 20 minutes spent on just one photo. Women are masters of perception. They’ve been practicing it ever since stuffing tissue in their bra.

At no point in history could women receive this much attention at a moment’s notice. Years ago, for women to receive a kind gesture or compliment, it would have to come from a friend or family member or she would have to be outside in the real world. Nowadays, all a woman has to do is stick out her backside or flash some cleavage in order to receive instant gratification from strangers. Men have become sheep.

Even the most basic of the most basic women have become overnight celebrities thanks to social media sites like Instagram (and the right lighting of course lol). Perhaps the most unworthy of all women have been placed on pedestals — giving their self-image a boost; even ugly girls have options that they once never had. Men need to buckle down and stop gassing up these women. Stop making them think that they are something that they’re not. Single women are single for a reason; the same goes for single men.

Maybe we’ve raised our standards to high. Maybe what we think we want doesn’t exist. Maybe we are all delusional and crazy in our own special way. I’m pretty sure the women that I speak of in this article, makes up no more than 10% of the available women out there. I know plenty of women that aren’t social media addicts. They never got hooked on attention drugs. They are looking for the same thing that most of us grown men are looking for. Say no to technology for at least one day out of the week. Get out there and go meet new people. Digital relationships will never be enough to satisfy us physically, spiritually and emotionally. It’s better to acknowledge, understand and accept this now rather than later.