Axel Antas-Bergkvist

Sometimes when you are alone with your thoughts, the weirdest questions come up. I know I’m not the only one that has these moments, I’m just one of few people not scared to admit it. I often find myself pondering the mysteries of the world that no one cares about. I believe that it’s my creative mind just running wild, but I really don’t ask why. I’m happy that I’m thinking outside of the box and that I have time to think about such things. It’s similar to being able to stop and smell the roses. When I can sit with a cold drink and observe what happening around me with precision, that when I know I closer to being completely stress free. I’m convinced that this is the only way to be in life.

Have ancient Gods been upgraded?

Reading older stories and ancient legends cause me to ponder this one day. Many stories reference Gods being invincible against the weapons of mortals. Well, since the last appearance of a God among men, we have made vast improvements in weaponry. The thought of a modern warrior throwing a spear makes most people laugh. I can honestly say if supernatural beings started descending from the sky, I would eagerly try out every manner of explosive ordinance. Maybe they could adapt, but it would definitely be a surprise to them if they haven’t been keep track of what we humans are doing down here. Most people assume that a God would concern himself/herself with the affairs of mortals. I beg to differ. That’s a self-absorbed thought to consider yourself so important that a near omnipotent being would be concerned with your pitiful existence. However, I am concerned with whether or not I would be able to defend myself against them successfully or run for my life.

How long until the actual apocalypse?

Between the bible and the false prophets of the world popping up every year claiming that the apocalypse is nigh, it makes one wonder, when is it actually coming? Sometimes I wonder If I’m ready for such an event. At that point it wouldn’t really matter and it would definitely be too late to ask. Being the type of person that I am, I constantly question how my existence effects the events around me, which also leads me to think if I will be around to witness the end of the world. I definitely believe it would be something worth the few extra years of living. As far as human beings know, we are the only intelligent life within our solar system (another self absorbed thought), so that means basically if Earth were to explode all life would cease to exist. Think about that for a second…The only thought on my mind is, How many years are left until the universe destroys us or we destroy ourselves?

Is sex between a man and a woman becoming extinct?

In modern times there is an influx of LBGTQ members emerging from society. At one point I believe that people claiming to be homosexual were just trying to be cool and follow the new trend. I began reading stories about 8 yr old girls and boys claiming homosexual tendencies and feelings or gender identity issues. At that age it is barely possible to understand the ins and outs of sex let alone determine if you have feelings for someone of the same sex. However, the real issue at hand is that many women and men are starting to lose interest in one another with the emergence of online dating and other mediums that don’t support the everyday interaction. With these events taking place, men/women are becoming overly comfortable with same sex relationships. Also, women continue to lose interest in sex and the sex trade has made men not want to try for a constant relationship, and instead opting to just purchase sexual acts. I believe that eventually the human race would stop procreating or being a straight male or female would actually make you weird.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.