Belinda Luscombe

Committing to one woman or man for the rest of your life is HUGE. Purchasing a car or a house are probably the only things that will ever rank higher on a level of importance scale. You can never rush into any of these decisions, but more often than not the eagerness to be with someone or rush to claim the man you view to be yours will get in the way of happiness. Women are more prone to rushing the relationship than men, strictly because of things like biological concerns and physical condition. The rush to have children before their eggs evaporate and the urge to lay claim to a desirable man. Men, get more attractive as we get older. Most of time we are established, financially stable, and have our lives figured out. There is no shortage of available women when we finally reach that point in our lives. Women, as screwed up as it may sound, your clock is ticking constantly. After about 28, it’s all down hill from there. This way of thinking, making you believe that you have the right to demand conditions in a relationship will have you floating in the dating pool once again. Most men don’t like being backed into a corner, it threatens our animal instincts. Just like animals, when we get backed into a corner, we react. Take heed to the words written in this article, because it can save your relationship and allow you to progress at an acceptable pace for both parties.

Turning Locks

This is a phrase my colleague and I came up with while talking about the things that women have the audacity to demand. It refers to requesting a key…to my place. Let me get this straight. You want access to my place at all times while you are the only one that has access to your place and you can come and go from my residence as you please. At what point is this a good idea? Until we decide to move in together it’s wise that we each have places where we can cool off if need be and also have alone time to partake in our individual hobbies. The biggest problem here is not the eventual sharing of the key to each other places, it’s when you the woman demand a key to castle. If you pull this stunt with the wrong man, you will quickly find yourself on the other side of the door with nothing but memories of his decor.

Separating Him From His Friends

Your girlfriend hates your friends. She believes them to be immature, distracting and whatever other complaints she can conjure up when they want to come over or you want to go out. It’s usually your best friend too. The guy that has been there through thick and thin, gave you rides at 5am when you couldn’t drive but still had a female in tow. The guy who knows your dark secrets, like the ducks that you’ve let into your room after everyone else went to sleep. Ladies, you can’t win this battle and here’s why. That friend that you want to get rid of is battle field tested and approved. Unless you are the High School sweetheart which you are not because you would know, understand, and approve of the friendship, you won’t win the battle. Never ask him to choose between his best friend and you.

Demanding An Engagement

I’ll just be blunt with this one. What type of woman does this? You’ve been together for a certain amount of time and you suddenly feel the need to demand that your mate buy you a ring? Seriously? This last instance is by far the quickest way to push a man away.

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