Magnus Lindvall

Women kill me when they tell stories. They can take one simple story and turn it into a complete TV series with 16 episodes with 2 seasons and a spin-off. It takes an eternity for them to get to the point. Honestly, sometimes they forget the point. Women can tell stories inside of stories and most women want a sensible man that will listen and pay attention.

For instance, if something happens, I don’t need to know one hundred thousand details as to what happened. I just simply need to know what happen. It takes two seconds.

Women go on and on about unnecessary things that just doesn’t make any sense. I could care less about the detailed narrative. Point please? What. Is. The. Point? It’s obvious that women are very talkative. I wouldn’t be surprised if women spoke 5 times the amount of words in a lifetime than men. Then they wonder why guys are so quick to get off the phone when they aren’t talking about nothing of value.