woman in street

Throughout my adult life (and for a good portion of my youth) I’ve been conditioned to a way of thinking that I have yet to understand. From the time I first called myself having a little girlfriend as a kid, til the time that I met my wife; I’ve had this irresistible urge – you might even say ‘a craving’ for nicely shaped and sized rumps. Maybe it’s popular culture brainwashing; with a long list of songs expressing the desire for ‘pumps and a bump,’ and seeing a woman ‘back that thang up,’ but I seriously ‘like big butts and I cannot lie.’

But why?

That really is the million dollar question – because untold millions of dollars have been made and lost by guys who have been mesmerized by that booty. Most of our lives, Black men (and increasingly – men of other races) have had a serious appreciation for a sizable rear end, but (no pun intended) I’ll bet that if you ask ten men why a big round apple is so important, ten of them will have a hard time telling you why. Now, don’t misunderstand me; even though I’m the one bringing this up, don’t think that I’m not still hypnotized – I Just Don’t Know Why!

So, here’s the thing (speaking strictly on the physical level); I can tell you why I like a woman to have luscious lips – kissing and – ahem! – other things are better with nice juicy lips. I know why I love big round boobs – they are such great pillows & I think it’s also a connection made as a baby (yeah, a little Freudian – look it up). I can tell you why I like a woman with pretty eyes – I have to look into these when we’re making love & I want them to be soft as sensual – not hard and tired looking. I can even tell you why I like a woman with long hair – besides providing a little leverage at certain times (you know what I mean), that long hair is a woman’s beauty; it separates the species (for the most part), and screams ‘woman!’ Oh, I can also tell you why I like a woman to have a flat stomach – easy access & nothing in the way! This bring me back to the butt (again – pun unintended). A big round butt, while looking amazing, just gets in the way!

A lot of us think that the bigger the butt, the better. We think Bey, Kim K. or Nicki Minaj have the goods, but how much of a purpose does all that caboose serve? The wrong position could leave you with a for real stomach ache. On the other hand – take a butt-challenged chick like Zoe Saldana, and you get all-access with no blockades. Just saying.

I would love to know what other fellas are thinking. Maybe I’m wrong, and it’s just me that has no idea why I love a rear like my wife’s (plump and juicy). Somebody educate me.

I’m wondering.