Dr, Kevin Leman

I’m a vengeful person. I always have been and I probably will always maintain some form of this in my personality. For most of my life vengeance has been the way. I’ve always had to get back at people ten fold whatever they’ve done to me. Many of my friends understand this and have always made jokes in reference to it. I’ve always thought it was pretty funny myself and I’ve never known why or how I developed this affinity for vengeance. At first it started with little things like, someone would pick on my in class when I was a child, and my way to get them back would be taking things from them at my leisure. I would set small traps on purpose to get my vengeance because I usually couldn’t take it by force. However, recently I had a revelation when on a path to vengeance and I think it best to share with you readers as a way to raise your awareness of the world around you.

This all started when I rented a car upon arriving in my new country because I wanted to get out and see the sights. When I arrived to pick up the car, it was filthy inside and out. The guy did his best to clean the car out and apologized for everything before handing me the keys. However, he never inspected the car before giving it to me and I drove off the lot. After 11 days of rental I returned the car the same way it was given to me dirty on the outside. I hand the woman the keys and leave. A few days later I get an email stating that I have damaged the car during rental and will be charged repairs. I immediately went back to the rental place and started complaining to which the lady says, “It’s not my fault and I’ll do nothing about it.” After feuding with her for a few minutes I left and went back to my office. I filled out the damage claim to say that the damage was there before I received the car and I wasn’t responsible. The next time I rented a car and choose a different company. The same day I picked up this car I backed into a fence. This happened to damage the rental in the exact spot that the last rental company had claimed. At this point I decided to let go of my plot to destroy the previous rental company.

Earlier this week I had to rent a car once again and used the company I had sworn to never use again. I walked into the building and the lady recognized me immediately. After trading a bit of banter, she apologized for being rude with and explained her situation. I was very happy to receive an apology from this woman and would have taken that alone. However, after a few more kind words with her, she gave me a free upgrade to a Mercedes-Benz E 200. From this encounter I learned, that it really is better sometimes to just let things go. My own vengeance caused me to draw bad karma and negativity to myself, which could have potentially gotten worse if I didn’t get it under control. Learn to let things go and your life will be better in the long run. The person (s) that you would like to destroy could eventually help you out in the future.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.