Margot Pandone

This week I focused on different things that annoyed me relentlessly. Social media and public interaction are at the forefront of my agitation this week, as people are getting more and more simple by the day.

The Struggle

It really gets on my nerves when people use the term “struggle” and you can tell without a shadow of a doubt that there was never a day they wanted for anything. Example. Guy gets in line at the club and when he gets to the front the door man says, “Price just went up to 20 dollars.” Guys turns around and says, “The struggle is real” and then proceeds to pull a few hundreds from his wallet. What a douche.

Social Media

Shortly I will publish an article addressing many of the things that are killing social media, but for now I must say that stupidity is the main culprit. What I mean is that prior to social media, the stupid people in the world were kept indoors so to speak. They had not world wide access to spread their idiotic ideas and thoughts, only to the few friends that kept hanging around and using them as entertainment. Now, the world is entertained by them and they have become famous by being stupid. The biggest problem is that my children and your children are being exposed to this and raised by it to think that is okay to be a fool 24 hours a day. The next time you are on Twitter, take a look at Lil’ Wayne’s page.


Not the English language itself. It’s the fact that I swear that some people never learn it. What makes it even worse is the idea that, where ever you are raised in America, directly affects what you think is correct English. Even worse, a Scrabble-esque game (Scrabble Trickster) was recently invented that is supposed to give kids the edge on adults by allowing the use of words like, “LOL”, “Fleek”, “TBH”, and other net speak/new age words. The world will die of stupidity.


It sucks that I have to wait until late spring/summer to get a decent movie. I mean this really sucks. The movie industry drops a bunch of booty bullshit that people go see just because there isn’t anything else out and they keep doing it because butts are in seats. Why am I not getting a good movie at the beginning of the year? Please don’t tell me I should’ve have went to see 50 Shades of Grey. First off, there is a book. Secondly, I have access to all sorts of porn on the internet. Soft core, hard core, POV, solo, anything you can think of. So… why in the world would I spend 15 dollars or more on a movie ticket for that B.S.?

P.S. America please!

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.