Matthew Martyniuk

This weekend I went to see Jurassic World in 3D! I set the bar really low as to not be disappointed and I was pleased with my viewing. I thought the movie would start off by giving viewers a huge backstory and wasting at least 30 minutes of our time. At this time in Jurassic lore, the park has already been running for a few years without incident. The movie actually has two interesting plot lines going at the same time. One following Chris Pratt’s character, and one following INGEN (the corporation from the original movie). Now, when I first saw the previews I thought, you gotta be kidding me. How does a human being control a pack of Velociraptors? I originally thought Chris Pratt was the son of Hammond (the park owner in the first movie) and was implanted with some type of Raptor DNA at birth. Yes, a crazy theory but it was all I had to go on at the time. It turns out that he imprints on them from birth as a mother or alpha figure. This causes the Raptors to follow him in a maternal/paternal way. However, there are still some rough patches at the beginning of the movie. The purpose of the Raptors is to eventually train them for military application…go figure. The INGEN corporation has also partnered with the military in an attempt to genetically breed unique dinosaurs by combining all manner of random DNA.

The main park story line revolves around the creation of a super dinosaur (Adominousrex), this name is ridiculous. The dinosaur is manufactured in order to create a new attraction for the park and guess what? They combine all the best DNA into one dinosaur creating a predator that is much smarter than humans and can pretty much kill anything in the park. It can hide from thermal scanners, has legitimate arms, thermal sensing abilities, communicates with raptors, and of course it’s got a crazy set of teeth. The super predator of course gets loose and starts a slew of events, releasing the flying killers, murdering other animals for sport,and figuring out very quickly that it is at the top of the food chain. Then of course Chris Pratt has to jump in with his team of Raptors and save the day. In the movie it seemed that there was an entire Army of Raptors, surprise there are only 4. Honestly, there is a lot of comedy in the movie, which of course we can expect it from Chris Pratt after his performance in Guardians of the Galaxy. Somehow, they producers manage to have a movie with action that no one has to take very seriously. I’ve thought that the first Jurassic Park was very serious and as they went on it was more of just a franchise exploitation. This movie makes an honest attempt to bring back what we loved from the movie. Plenty of humans for harvesting, dinosaurs dong what the hell they want went they get out of their cages, and finally a T-Rex, It’s just not a Jurassic Park movie without a T-Rex. The part that I will leave for a surprise is the actual hero of the movie. It comes totally out of left field and is a grand surprise for everyone. The super predator of course goes down after all this is supposed to be a family movie, but I still believe in real life that monster would have destroyed everything. The 3D for this movie is definitely legit, some of the best 3D filming to date. Go see the movie, enjoy it, and don’t take it seriously. You will enjoy it that much more.


Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.