Caleb Fisher

Picture yourself in one of the many places you go scouting for available females. You come upon such a female, and the setting is perfect. As you observe and prepare to make your approach you notice…her face. No, not the butter face epidemic (That’s right. Epidemic!). I mean she just has bitch written all over it. Don’t confuse this as a typical stoic look that some people may have when they are thinking, it’s more than that. Watch as she continues interacting with her environment and if that face doesn’t change when reacting to anything, she mostly likely suffers from resting bitch face. It’s almost a permanent scowl or frown, like someone dropped a fart right on top of her upper lip and she’s been smelling it all night.The RBF is the result of a pessimistic life style causing her to never smile or be happy about anything besides the suffering of others. She wants you to be a part of that and you don’t need to be.

9 out of 10 times, resting bitch face comes with many endearing qualities. With physical being the most appealing to compensate for her full time bitch mode. The pleasing body parts are meant to disguise the RBF and make you forget about it even being there. I can almost guarantee that the sex is amazing! Her BJ will feel like putting your penis in a Dyson. It’s the result of built up anger and aggression. Best believe that if you can drop the panties, she will bump ugly’s with you like it’s the last day on earth. This is how she reels you in for the long con. It’s like naturally evolving bitch camouflage against the male form. The RBF will immediately start judging you when and if you approach her. Everything you say goes completely in bitch ear one and out bitch ear two. All she wants to know is what you have to offer. Be prepared to pitch your product like it’s for Bill Gates himself. For every single woman out there, remember there is a guy somewhere that was tired of her. You will get tired of this one quick. My advice…run! Unless you like bitchy women. Some men enjoy the drama and excitement that comes along with a bitchy woman. As for myself, I can go without. I’ll leave you with some examples of famous women that suffer from serious cases of RBF.

-Michelle Rodriguez
-Shannon Daugherty
-Katherine Heigl
-Lisa Raye
-Paris Hilton

If you do some research into these women you may find the results to be quite in line with my analysis.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.