Nabeel Syed

Traffic is the single most delaying instance in the everyday life of people. Whether it’s public transportation, highways, city streets, or airports, it’s all inconvenience. The fact that human beings are in charge of it or are directly involved with it on a daily basis, doesn’t make it any better. Cars have been around since the late 1800’s and people still haven’t perfected the art of driving, mastered the art of using blinkers, have a solid understanding of how the left lane works on a highway and so on. I suffer from road rage, I’ve gotten better over the years but every now and then I still lose control when insanely stupid things happen right before my eyes. Why did I decide to write about this topic? Only because I know many of you out there would feel the same way. Many of you just handle it differently, and some of you are the reason for my rage. I must however, get on with the 5 things I hate most about traffic.

#1. Blinkers

This is not necessarily what infuriates me the most, however I can’t understand what is so difficult about using it. The blinkers are on the car for a reason and yet people fail to understand that this is how you let others know that you will eventually make a turn. It makes me upset because it is a safety device on the vehicle that people still refuse to use. These same people are the ones that have dents in their cars, scratches on their doors, and a host of other cosmetic deficiencies. These are the same people that don’t care if they make your car look like theirs.

#2. The Fast Lane

This is a very easy concept to understand that still misses people on a daily basis. If you are doing the speed limit or slower get the hell over. I go into rage mode almost instantly when I come up on someone doing exactly the speed limit and they still refuse to get over. I’ve passed people before that were going slow and I’ve received some of the dirtiest looks. I’ve to think it’s just the salt from them being chicken sh*t drivers.

#3. Traffic Accidents

I don’t dislike traffic accidents because they impede progress for cleanup, I dislike them because even when they are off to the side, people drive slow because they are nosy. Take a glance, see what happened, process it, and keep moving along with traffic. To often do I notice that drivers are too easily distracted by things that aren’t even on the road.

#4. The Horn

The horn on a car should be used to signal danger. However, most people use it out of being impatient. If the light turns green, I’ll give you 2 seconds. If you haven’t started driving at that point then I know you are not paying attention. Some people won’t even give you that. If you beep the horn at me on a fresh green light, I won’t move at all. I’ll find a way to waste your time, and figure out how to keep you from going around me. If you stay behind me, I will continue to go slow until you get the message. It’s my own way of teaching crap drivers a lesson.

#5. The Fresh Yellow

This… is… the… worst… ever. Who does this? That question is obviously rhetorical. Many people do this, but stopping on a fresh yellow is not only dangerous, but it’s stupid. Honestly, if you’ve ever done this you should stop driving… forever.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.