Yes, I am married like many of you out there, but I will be frank and to the point when I say this, “I love to look and indulge in the finer things in life”, no different than what a single man/woman would do. Make no mistake, bud I love my spouse and all, but damn some of you women out there are truly blessed creatures that walk the face of this Earth. I do not know who is setting me up cause I know without a doubt if I was out with the fellas I would not see a third of the gorgeous women that my eyes have gazed upon when I am with my wife… Trust me when I say the homies and I have looked.

I love women there is no questioning that and there is no way this feeling diminishes after marriage. Now I want the fellas to be honest for a minute, “Do you or do you not see more tantalizing and attractive women when you are with your significant other?” Exactly, just as I thought, you do huh? It confuses me at times when I go out alone. I literally cannot pay to find or be fortunate enough to lay my eyes upon an attractive woman in my immediate vicinity, but ohh let me be with the misses, its like a buffet line with each and every one of my types pops up staring, breaking their necks to initiate conversation, getting up close and some even have the audacity to become to “touchy feely” on the sneak right in front of my wife. I am thankful she is a humble woman and brushes things off rather easily.

How much is a committed man supposed to take? There are far more woman that reside on this planet then there are men. Geeesh…….it is hard sometimes to focus with all that beauty, booty and breasts walking by. I honestly try to fight off my urges to stare and as usual there is always one sexy woman that will approach us both and say indirect flirts, such as, “Wheeeeewww… Your son is so cute, he looks just like his father.” And give me the straight face look basically telling me, yeah I said it, so what! Really ladies you know exactly what you are doing.

Little skirts and dresses fitted or loose drive me literally insane. Women you know that you want us to look, so admit it. If you think like me then, you too, are a sucker for a fat posterior and a nice pair of succulent ample breasts. At first I could fight the temptations off and not even look. Then all of a sudden I started to feel some type of way, almost as to say, I am being cheated out of the gorgeous scenery. This caused me to begin getting more cunning or so I thought and stare from a distance, buy shades with dark lenses to aid in my staring to conceal where my eyes are roaming. But, I am here to tell you; women can sense deceit a mile away. First of all, when did you start wearing sunglasses and being all fashionable? Exactly the answer is never, but now you just so happen to be in a grocery store without an ounce of sun rays beaming down with your new pair of dark-tinted shades on. Come on guys, really could you be anymore obvious? Yes, I said it I am only saying what you are scared to admit. We give ourselves away every time.

Have you noticed your significant other tends to become more sociable when you are in the presence of another sexy woman? Of course, we are too busy staring at that other female and enables her to see right through our behavior. If my wife were to ask me a question and I stutter or have a delayed response then all I have done is further prove that I was caught looking. We cannot fool our significant others they know we look.

I have come to the realization that there is too many attractive women in this world. So I will keep looking, why not its free to look! As long as I leave it as a gaze and nothing more then I feel I am in the clear. What are your thoughts?