This has got to be the all-time wackest excuse for sleeping with another man especially if you are married, single, committed or not committed just cause you don’t want to admit that you fell off and slept with a lame. I mean let’s be real for a minute, you already had a feeling that you wanted to indulge in some type of sexual activity from the beginning, hence the reason why you ultimately submitted to that married, single, or committed man.

As we all may know, women have a preconceived notion within the first five minutes of his initial introductory conversation and approach whether or not they want to sleep with him or not. Yes, you may have morals and values that in any other scenario would influence you to not submit to lust, but you are only human and have needs too, just like men do. It’s not our fault you all hit and bothered after two minutes of conversation and we can sense you all aroused and well you know the rest.

For some idiotic reason men are the ones that are classified as man whores and “dogs”. This is completely absurd. Last time I checked a woman was created from man, which means, you are of his very own essence. In theory, you have the same thoughts as men do. You want what I want and need what I need too.

Why blame it on the alcohol? Are you saying the only reason why you were horny was cause of the liquor? I highly think not. You and me both know that you wanted the love stick just as bad as I wanted your love pie. Society likes to bail people our with the excuse of alcohol aided in our misjudgements. I’m a firm believer that if I found you to be unattractive before I was drinking then you are still unattractive after I have a few cold ones.  My opinion didn’t change nor did yours the only thing that changed was your standards.

So please stop blaming the Jack Daniels or Ciroc and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. We all are human and have had a whore moment or two, and for some if you maybe even ten or more.