Pawel Kadysz

To understand gamers, you first have to understand what it means to be one. Gaming these days is not merely a hobby, it’s a culture. When you immerse yourself in it you effectively become part of a cult. Yes, a cult. Just like the die hard sports fans or actual Satan worshipers. It’s pretty much the same thing. Each community has it’s own subculture as well and the community you follow says a lot about your person. Before I speak of my own opinions, I will tell you why I play video games. I believe that my own reasons will be shared with other gamers as well. For me, gaming is a medium at which to relax from a long days work. It’s a way to retreat briefly from the problems of everyday life into a fantasy world. I’m into the fighting game, action adventure, and the occasional first person shooter. These games also fit into some of my everyday hobbies as well, so I feel right at home when I grip a controller or an arcade stick.

Types of Gamers

The Causal Gamer

The casual gamer plays for fun and only fun. Not concerned with trophies or competition, just for the relaxation of playing a few hours or so during the week or weekend for leisure. There is nothing wrong with this and the pressure is almost non-existent. Things get a bit hairy when causal gamers believe they should be better than the time they put in. Casual gamers are more likely to be salty and speak ill of the more talented or hardworking gamers.

The Bro-Gamer

Enthused to play all games that scream “bro”. This includes first person shooters or action adventure MMO’s (Destiny). Pretty much anything you can play online through a console with a group of other bro’s or against other bro’s to increase testosterone levels nightly. These are the gamers that will stand in line for hours and wait for the the new Call of Duty. The gamers who spend $100 on the hardcore metal case edition and let you know every day how many times they hit another prestige. The gamers who will talk trash if you’re not playing on hardcore death match but secretly use an aim bot. These types of gamers often brag about their skill in these games whenever possible.

The Competitive Gamer

Strives to be the best at whatever they play. Whether it’s fighting games, real time strategy (RTS), massive mufti-player online (MMO), or first person shooter (FPS). Any game that can be considered competitive, this gamer is in for the win. Putting in countless hours of play time, researching strategy, watching videos, and showing downright hardcore dedication to perfecting their craft and trying to be the best. Searching for a sponsor in order to get to various tournaments across the world. Spending money on the latest arcade stick or special fight controller, thinking it gives them and edge up on the competition. The competitive gamer lives a lifestyle, the rest of you just play.

The PC Gamer

These gamers will always talk about the superiority of owning a PC. However, the cost of upgrading your machine every year can put a dent in your pockets. PC gamers are likely to spend hours sitting in to close to the screen. Screen glow lighting the night and joints locking while fighting to get that mountain magic troll to level 99. Or mastering the hot keys for Starcraft 2, fighting against Koreans who have mastered the game in the blink of an eye. Then there are those who purchase the PC ports of the popular console games and attempt to brag about how much better the graphics are. Meanwhile, the PC ports run like crap and I’m sitting on my couch with my giant TV in 1080P. Gotta love it.

The Trophy Whore

Oh yes, for you XBONE fans out there they are called achievements. These gamers are playing to get that elusive 100% on every game they touch. Some of these games are more difficult than others, with major respect on the way for those that conquer the most difficult games. Of course bragging rights are in effect for the gamer who has the most 100% or platinum trophies. The gamers who can’t achieve even one platinum pretend not to care, but deep down inside they feel that inequality and will never admit it.

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