Gabriel Santiago

Meeting people through life is inevitable. As for myself, I enjoy meeting new people but I believe that most human beings are inherently bad. This is only because we learn from infancy to manipulate events in our favor. We learn that crying usually attracts adults and gets the results that we want. In my opinion we are driven by the Freudian ID to go after our basic needs. As a result of my beliefs, I don’t trust anyone. It hasn’t hindered my social development. This is just how I live my life. I interact and chat with many people on a daily basis. I just have learned through my life experience that people will stab you in the back to save themselves at any cost. The purpose of this article though, is to have bit of fun. There are certain people that I don’t trust because of the system in which they believe in or the way they live their lives. This is because, when it comes time to choose, friends will never be first. Keep in mind this is merely my opinion, and you shouldn’t take it all that serious.


Family will always be the first to screw you over. Some parents often believe you owe them something simply from raising you. Example; Phillip Buchanon, played cornerback in the NFL for a number of years. Soon after he was drafted and signed a sizable contract, his mother contacted him. Not to congratulate him but to ask for money. She stated that he owed her ONE MILLION dollars for raising him. What type of B.S. is this? It’s your job as a parent to take care of what you brought into this world. If you don’t believe that, then you should have never had children in the first place. Family will “borrow” money and never give it back, because it’s a permanent loan. If family asks you for a favor it’s expected that you say “yes” no matter how much it will inconvenience you.


No eating meat…heresy. These are the people who won’t kill zombies during the apocalypse. Eating meat makes you strong, builds your killer instinct. Don’t get me wrong, we need people to pick fruit and veggies but I’d hate to be the only one going hunting every time. Being around them means extra work for me. If I were dating a girl like this, it means special meals only for her. You go to a restaurant she might ask if the meat and veggies are prepared on the same stove. It’s just a headache that is more trouble than it’s worth, to hang around someone untrustworthy.

Prius Drivers

Self absorbed and convinced that they are saving the world one mile at a time. Gets in the left lane on the highway and goes exactly the speed limit. You can’t trust these people because they are most likely anti-war, tree huggers, few exceptions apply.


There are just people you shouldn’t trust because of characteristics they possess. You could always just follow my mantra and not trust anyone. You probably want to have a great social life without being paranoid. Then again, I really don’t like people.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.