RC Cipriano

Unless you want to look like an idiot down the line, never text a woman more than once. Seriously, don’t do it. If you text her and she doesn’t reply, know that it’s for a reason and don’t text her again until she does. No reply can only mean one of two things. It’s either her fingers are broken (she will still find another way) or she’s just not interested (more than likely it’s this). Texting her two times — three times in a row — four times, is highly ineffective and won’t land you a top spot on her radar. In fact, it sends a bad signal which makes you less attractive while giving her more control.

Women who genuinely want you will respond effortlessly. Women who don’t, well… there’s plenty of fish in the sea. We all know it’s a numbers game so don’t take it personally. Did you text her something foolish or inappropriate? Did you think up something clever? Did you send her something thoughtful or entertaining? If a woman doesn’t care enough to respond to your text, maybe you shouldn’t be dealing with her in the first place. Chances are she’s not the one for you and that’s okay.

In case you didn’t know, women like to play mind games. They will voluntarily lead you into thinking there’s something when it’s not. She knew the moment she met you that she had no intention on returning your calls or text. She gave you her number anyway (because most women are full of shit). If you text her and she doesn’t reply, delete her number, pronto. Take the ‘L’ with pride and dignity. Save face.

When you text a woman more than once, you come across as needy or desperate. Women don’t like needy or desperate men. Women like what they can’t have. You’ve now sent her a total of four text messages and received no replies. You feel defeated — rejected. Don’t.

This rule implies to all new women you’ve met and old flings.