David Olkarny

The dating world is a complicated beast to say the least. As social media and internet dating take over it’s becoming harder and harder to engage people in a public setting. I’ve seriously had a female tell me, “Meeting people online is safer.” That actually warranted a “#DEAD”. I can’t even begin to understand why someone would think that. However, in order to get to the main point, I’ll save that conversation for a later date. In the natural dating progression, you go from the initial meeting, to a few more dates, sex, and then slowly spending more time together. Progressing this to fast or to slow is dangerous from either party. The key is to let the relationship naturally progress. This isn’t High School, there isn’t a need to ask, ” Are we dating?, “Are you my boyfriend/girlfriend?”, but women (mostly women) tend to always want a finite answer. I call this the “Label Obsession”.

It’s a disease in the worst way. When this question is asked to a man, it’s like backing an animal into a corner. We are perfectly fine with being in a relationship without actually saying it, while women want to hear it from the mouth. Men, being more logical in our actions don’t need to express our feelings as openly as women do. This has the tendency to create a rift between men and women in relationships. Women would like us to always say that we love them, while as men we just prefer to show it. Some women feel as though without the official girlfriend title the relationship is not the same. Many times in this situation giving out the title automatically changes things and makes the woman feel entitled to intrude in every portion of your life. Next thing you know, she’s in your place turning locks, reorganizing stuff and saying, “This is our stuff.” What? Oh, hell no. This is a problem. When and if a woman starts demanding a title or status, it might be wise to take a break before you end up in the corner.

Ladies when you do this, you’ve rushed and made yourself 100% comfortable to the point where you feel you have the power. You are essentially attempting to push this man around, emasculate if you will. No man is comfortable with this at all. Why force yourself on him? He will do things to let you know that you are the one and only. If you really like/love this guy then move at his pace and eventually everything will work out. Forcing him to move faster because you feel your biological clock ticking will only cause him to get a better more efficient replacement that doesn’t mind waiting until he is ready to take the next step. Play it cold ladies…ice cold and everything will fall into place. Don’t be obsessed with labels. Instead put that energy into building a happy, wholesome relationship.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.