Since the beginning of time, man has been able to accomplish far more together than alone. For example, if you were going to attack a bear two men would stand a far better chance. It’s a simple numbers game. However, in order to be successful in taking down said bear, you must work as a team. That’s what being a good wingman is all about. If it’s two bears and four men the you must divide and conquer. In a two men one bear situation, one man must be the bait and trust the other man to finish the job. I’m sure after all this bear talk you get the picture of what you must do. For those of you still looking for answers, I will attempt to help you understand how to be a successful wingman.

Choose a Role

Both of you can’t lead or choose the same girl every time. You’ve got decide which of you will be the lead and which of you will support the other. Conflicting interests will never produce a win. You will most likely both become food for the hungry bear. Look at it from a perspective of a win for you is a win for me. If I kill the bear we both eat. When I get the number and close the sale with this woman, you may be able to partake in the fruits of her friends because by simply being associated with me, you are a “good guy” as well.

Recognize the Leader/Winning Over the Friends

A good one two punch recognizes who needs to be compromised in order to expose the target. This especially important when attempting to infiltrate a group. The leader will be the one at the center of attention, directing every conversation, deciding who’s cute and who’s not. Her approval will aid in the approval of the other friends, immediately making you and whoever is with you acceptable company. If at any point the leader disapproves of you or your wingman then all is lost. As the wingman, it’s important to know when things are taking a bad turn and recover the event.

Be Patient

Be funny, charming, laugh things off that may normally get on your nerves because it is all a test. These women want to know what you are all about before they decide to let you in. It may be a good idea to have a few drinks, relax and be in a wonderful mood before diving into the situation. Most importantly…smile!

Be a Pool of Positive

As a wingman, it is your job to make your buddy look more important, seem more important and be more important than they actually are. Make the women admire and want to be around him. Say positive things, help make his jokes funny, and most importantly talk him up to the woman that he is interested in.

Be the Voice of Reason

When the situation is taking a down turn, let your buddy know it’s time to bail. Don’t be rude to the entertaining party, just make a grand exit that leaves them possibly wanting more.


There are literally hundreds of techniques to make your team work successful. Knowing your team will be an integral part to it’s success. Is there a fool proof perfect plan? Never. The woman is such a mysterious creature and a puzzle that will never be solved. The most we can do as team members is work together and enjoy each success.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.