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It’s 2015. It’s 2015? It’s 2015… I started the article in this fashion to remind everyone what year it is. Many people still act like we live in the 1920’s when it comes to sex. Conversations about sex, movies about sex, articles about sex, and anything regarding sex in society is considered taboo. Why is this? Well, America is still a country of prudes. This is sad because other countries that we have passed technologically, have come to terms with sex and we are still scared of it. Which brings me to the main point. There are still women out there who believe giving head is not “lady like” and men who believe eating vagina is nasty. I’ll address why your woman should give you head at a later date, but there are a few things that men don’t know about the female anatomy that will shine light on this issue. First off, a woman has a separate hole that she pees from and a separate hole that you insert your penis into. You are not literally licking/eating her pee hole. Also, it’s called foreplay.

Foreplay is important because women orgasm differently than men do. We are visual. That’s why we watch porn, thats why we can masturbate to a *spank bank. Women orgasm off of other sensations and different stimuli. From my experience, eating a woman makes the sex better. First off, if she orgasms before you go for penetration, it’s super wet and the feeling is incredible. She will be much more into the sexual experience because lest you forget, it’s not over for a woman the first time she orgasms.When guys orgasm…we need a minute to recoup. This orgasmic advantage that women possess is one that we men should use to our benefit. We can make the whole act of sex last longer.

I believe that most men don’t eat vagina for the same reasons that women may not give head…they are afraid to be bad at it. Just because you are not great at something doesn’t mean you can’t become adept. No one is born a sex god. We all learn overtime to please women. I take that back…please your sexual partner. Wait, should learn to please your sexual partner. If you can please your man/woman correctly, then you are half way there into having a great relationship. I will list a few tips to help get to where you want to be sexually, especially when it come to putting your mouth where her money is.

Find Out What Makes Her Feel Good

Be the man and pull her pants off when she least expects it. Be vocal and find out what makes her tingle and squirm. See how her body reacts when you hit certain spots and give those spots extra attention. While you’re down there, throw a hand up and grab her breast. Put your fingers in her mouth. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with it. Instead of attacking the vagina like a wild animal, work your way to the prey like a trained hunter.

Watch Porn

Another one of the American taboo’s. Watching porn is not a bad thing. It’s a great tool to enhance your bedroom experience and it’s like getting tips form the pro’s.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Allen Iverson didn’t think that practice was the most important thing in the world. However, Why be Iverson, when you can be Jordan? Tell her to help you and continue to practice what you’ve learned until you perfect it. Once you’ve mastered a certain technique, start working on other ones. Every woman is different. Learn how to sexually please most of them. Sadly, you’ll never learn how to please them all.


Sex is a part of life. It’s how babies are made, it’s how fun is had, it is one of the ways relationships are made stronger. We’ve all got to start somewhere and the best l place to begin is getting over your fear of the vagina. Instead of treating it like it has teeth, treat it like Homer Simpson would treat a donut. With love, care, compassion, and a mouth full of saliva.


*Images of attractive women that have been stored for fap time at a later date.

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