iulia Pironea

I’ve spent countless days, weeks and months indulging in fantasies about women I follow on social media, though recently I discovered that this was pointless. Out of the hundreds of women I followed over the years, I can honestly say that I never established a solid relationship with anyone worthwhile. I pursued all sorts of women that I thought were attractive, and maybe exchanged a few texts and DMs every so often, but that was about it.

At some point I realized that I do not have a connection with these women in real life and if I continued down the same path, I never will. These women will not just fall into my lap by chance. Why should they have such an influence on my day to day life? They don’t exist.

What is the point of following someone else’s life?

What do you gain besides wanting and wishing? I tried to convince myself that these women would be my motivation for self-improvement. Obsessing over them would eventually push me to get my shit together. Instead of spending an hour at the gym, learning a new skill, reading a book or completing an unfinished task, I would spend an hour or more surfing social media throughout the day, following someone else’s life. This was counterproductive.

Here’s what I think…

The majority of these women have incredibly low self-esteem. Many of them have suffered through child abuse, rape, daddy issues, divorce, lack of education, emotional stress and poverty. They deal with jealousy from other women, all the time, while competing with other women for attention. Their thirst level for attention attracts men that are equally thirsty for sex. It’s all a TRAP, a vicious ongoing cycle that will not satisfy neither person for the long haul.

Women can pretend to be happy and make it seem as though their lives are all so great, when in fact it isn’t. Step outside of your thirst for a second and notice the atmosphere in which most of these images are posted. Nine times out of ten these women are hiding the fact that they are lonely and desperate. Many of them are emotionally unstable as well. They use social media as an outcry to potentially fill the void.

Men are all distracted by it.

One of the main reasons why women get butt implants and fake tits is for none other than ATTENTION. It gives them a false boost of confidence and makes them feel better about themselves. It makes them feel more desirable and empowered. This power is justifiable through social media and fueled by complete strangers by way of comments and likes.

Profile stalking WILL NOT get you the girl, especially that girl. She is a mere distraction from what you should be doing with your time. She is too busy posting semi-nude photos to ever even notice you anyway. Thirsting over women on social media is blatantly a waste of time. Instead, focus your energy elsewhere and don’t allow women you don’t know on social media to distract you from your ultimate goal in life. Control the urge.

Be a leader, not a follower.