Nitish Meena

2016 is finally here and so many events are on the horizon. Donald Trump is running for president and the entire pool of political hopefuls are for lack of better word…trash. The “#BLACKLIVESMATTER” campaign is in full effect and the NFL playoffs are full speed ahead with some perennial teams in attendance and some long shots who have finally stepped up to play ball. There are many events I would like to see happen in 2016. Many of these events will be unpopular to you the reader, but I’m not really concerned with it. History has been shaped with unpopular thoughts and opinions. It has been those pioneers that have given us the world, better yet the America that we live in today. The most significant problem is, America is no longer the country that most of grew up in. The level of political correctness, passive aggressive stance on every issue is making the nation weaker as a whole. We are raising a generation of men and women who will never understand what it means to lose because we give every child a trophy. Adults who will be afraid to express an opinion because of ridicule. A generation who embraces the idea of fear and hatred as a norm, just because a popular media figure deems it to be okay. A generation of people who will forever fear the law enforcement because of ethnic fueled fear and the lost art of “protect and serve”. With the end of my ranting comes my list of: Events I Want to See in 2016.

Trump Elected President

I know. Many of you are saying, “What the hell?!” I need this to happen so Americans can understand how stupid they are.I want the racist pigs of America to stand up and stop hiding in plain sight. Donald Trump winning the presidency will prove that America no longer cares or understands government and politics.Politics today is all about being popular with the media, not about what politicians can do for the people. America needs a mockery of the white house to realize it’s mistakes. I predict foreign policy will take a turn for the worst as Donald Trump possesses no filter and will say whatever he likes. Most likely within the first 2 years of his tenure we will be involved in another world skirmish with a Muslim country. He’s talked down to Mexicans, Muslims and trust me Blacks are not far behind. This is what America is now..a melting pot of closet racists and fear mongers. Donald Trump is just the person to lead them for the next four years.


I didn’t list this as a positive. Blacks have been killing blacks in the street for years and no one was really batting an eye about it after the 90’s. I totally understand that cops killing INNOCENT black men is unjustified. The drug dealers, thieves, murders, and other criminals that meet their end at the hands of cops are people that I don’t care about. We keep putting them in jail and then they get out years later to commit the same crimes over and over. Where were the #BLACKLIVESMATTER protests when kids were killing kids in the streets? Bottom line is that all lives matter and this is what society fails to realize. Unless you are a degenerate, every life has a purpose. We need to come together as a society and stop killing each other over petty nonsense. Law enforcement needs to remember the ultimate purpose to “Protect and Serve”. Shooting children with toy guns .7 seconds after exiting your vehicle doesn’t help your case. Police officers don’t mingle with the community anymore. Most officers don’t even live close to where the carry out the day. Officers and residents alike need to have start having a vested interest in the community again. Look out ofr your fellow man and stop being jerks for no reason at all. #ALLLIVESMATTER


I really want a new Kanye West album, He recently dropped a single called “Real Friends” and it was pretty good. It could be quite possible that Kanye is finally coming back out of Kim’s twat and ready to make real music again. Currently the rap game so to speak belongs to J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake. It’s about time for Kanye to come back to hip-hop.

Hillary Clinton for President

How can I want Trump and Clinton for president? Clinton is probably the faster way to a world war and I need to get paid.

Peyton Manning

I’m a huge sports fan. I believe that Peyton Manning is one of of not the best Quarterback to ever grab a football. Definitely a first ballot Hall of Famer. I’m not a Denver Broncos fan, but I’d like to see Peyton finish his career on top with a Superbowl win. Overall though, I’d be content with the Seahawks losing next round. Seahawks fans are getting pretty obnoxious about a team that just became good and had no fans to speak of prior to the last 3 years.


After you read this article and get over your rage, please comment and speak about some events you would like to see in 2016.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.