Man's Stare

Let me get right into this situation. It is getting beyond extreme how women of all ages have this absurd assumption that when a man looks her way, then he is automatically put into the “He wants me bank!” Listen, be clear, we may just be glancing up at the moment because you may have walked by and I generally may only want to speak and keep it moving, not hold a conversation to see how you and your momma are doing or ask how your day went and your name!

The reason I am addressing this issue is because in most cases I have to work around women new, old, here for a short-term type employees and they all seem to think at one point or another that I really am interested in them. It does not even matter that they know I am a happily married man with three beautiful kids that we share parenting duties with to raise together as a unit. You may be asking, well “How do you know that we or she is even thinking that way?” And, my answer is concise and to the point here women, I know without a doubt by the way you carry yourselves around me. You could have spoken to the whole building wholeheartedly, but for some peculiar reason when I speak to you then you want to turn your nose up, act like you did not just hear me greet you, purposely try to avoid eye contact, or you try to remain brief with me to put up this facade that you are off the market or not interested. If you only knew I am far from pressed and have never had a need to force myself upon any woman to my liking.

In my eyes, when you assume; you definitely make an ass out of yourself in my book and I will classify you as another facetious woman that has crossed my path once again. It should already be a known fact no matter how attractive you are, sweet-hearted, cool and laid back to others does not constitute you having this aura about you that reeks of conceitedness. This type of demeanor only enables others around you in normal working or non-working environments to become uncomfortable. I may need to speak with you on a professional level to get a specific tasking accomplished and you are all caught up in your feelings or I may need to introduce you to my colleague and you mistreat him the same way. Instead of you honing your tactfulness and professionalism you rather assume that you are God’s greatest gift to men. This ultimately only hurts you in the end and allows for your peers to label you, not saying that is fair, but what do you expect.

This type of rudeness needs to be addressed and put to a halt. Listen carefully women of all ages just because a man looks your way does not mean he is interested in you. All men do not require persistence to address a woman. Have you challenged your own self with having a keen understanding that you may not even be my type! Please put your guards down and worry about that bridge if and when you cross it, but until you do stop assuming men want you in that way and stop acting so egotistical towards us. Admiring from a distance is harmless remember that. In addition, we all know the number one golden rule “Do not mess with the hired help or a colleague of any sort” why do you ask because in most cases the relationship falters at some pointing leading it to be an atrocity and who wants to come to work with the mindset that they will have to deal with unwanted stress due to personal affairs.

My mother raised me to greet other individuals in passing or at work. My question is “How is being respectful towards you warrants you to disrespect me in return?” Is this proper etiquette these days? Now that I got that off of my chest, what are your thoughts?