Many women I have met around the world no matter their race have all asked some of the same questions that I will try to answer with the best of my knowledge. By no means am I an accredited Psychiatrist, Social Worker, or Counselor, but I have talked to many men most are dear friends of mines and we all have discussed some of these very questions I am going to address for our female viewers, on our take towards some of the women’s unchanged curiosities. No, I cannot vouch for all men worldwide on these topics, I can only try to shed some light and open one’s mind with my responses. So, if I offend anyone in the process please do not hold all men to my standards. Thanks in advance.

Question 1

Why do men get mad when another man compliments their woman?

Simply put, men are possessive creatures. We have a saying, “What is mines is mines and mines alone!” Most men tend to induce the woman into conducting conversations with the intent of meeting up later to further get to know each other in hopes of sparking a newly found relationship or have meaningless sex as our goal, therefore extending a conversation that supersedes an unpretentious compliment. So, in some cases, we would much rather our woman to nip things in the bud and cut all ties off from the very beginning, with a casual let down or as my friends and I call it “Politely Shit On Them”. Keep in mind this is based off our woman’s initial response to the compliment. If she lets it stay as such and keep it moving we are good, but if she finds herself having verbal intercourse then that is when we feel some type of way. Yes, men have trust issues too ladies maybe not with our significant other as much but we do know men.

Question 2

Why do men always want to try and have relations with a woman in the butt all the time?

Honestly, speaking it is all about unmarked territories. Most women have not indulged in anal sex even if they had previous thoughts on how it may feel. For us men, this is a known fact and we hate to take on another man’s leftovers. If a woman tells us we are the man of their dreams and they have never felt this intensely for another then we like to put that theory to test and roam in uncharted domains on her body, in order to feel as if we have conquered lands no man before us has. It makes us feel like we are on another level than your exes. Or, it could just be because we are freaks in the sheets and like the view of our penis entering a woman’s derriere, for some of us it is simply amazing. Next question!!!

Question 3

Why do men like to keep in touch with their exes when they are in a relationship with another woman?

In some cases it is to see if we still got it, the swag or coercive words to sway a woman to come our way even though we have moved on to another. A lot of times it is innocent and we really do not intend on taking any detrimental actions to harm our current relationship, we are only confirming that we are a good catch. For men it is about having options for that rainy day when we are in need or single and we may need that pick me up to get us back in the game coach. Our current partner may not be informing us that they still appreciate or even attracted to us. Yes, ladies you are not the only ones that get insecure within a relationship, some of your ways can lead us into thinking we are the issue when it may be you that has actually changed. We like to know that you can acknowledge a good man when you are with one no matter what we may be going through with you in our relationship.

Question 4

Why do men dislike it when a woman of their own race prefers to date outside of her race?

I have one answer that is a constant no matter whom I have conversed with of all different races. There is not a man that walks this Earth that would not mind that another man is better than he is, much less another race all together. For example, if you choose to step outside of your race it makes the man feel as though he is not good enough or that you may look down upon your own kind. No, this is not being a racist. What is actually happening is men are proving once again we are creatures with the same emotions as women and most of us are insecure in a number of fashions and this is but of only one out of many. It is not so much the fact you are with another race it is more on the lines of, how did you come to this conclusion that different is better for you! “Is it because you think your own race is garbage or lacking things that another can provide to you?” But, at the end of the day ladies, love who you love because we damn sure do it too and remember not all men hate on you.

Question 5

Why do men feel that the woman you may be dating or married to do not possess any type of intelligence?

Truthfully speaking, not all men feel this way. For those that may, it could be because they are caught up with a complex of thinking that they are the head of the household and that affords them the opinion to not take any advice or listen to anyone else’s perspective on a topic or issue. Even if your suggestion may be correct men like to figure out things on their own with an understanding if they succeed is was due to their own trials and tribulations that got them there. Maybe it is your own approach as to how you introduce your ideas and thought process to him. You would be amazed at what respect and tactfulness can do to a man’s ego. At the end of the day he may disagree with your method does not constitute him to being a jerk, it may simply mean there is more than one way to get the job done and he did not choose yours. Stop reading into things so much and catching unnecessary feelings we all cannot be right all the time. And, ask yourself this one question “Would you want someone telling you their way is better all the time if you are the leader?” It always goes back to this old saying “Treat others how you would like to be treated!”

Once again, I am not a spokesman for men worldwide, I am only trying to inform the masses of things that we converse about from day to day as men. It is not about who is right or wrong, it is about compromise. Let us continue to build from this starter brick on the foundation of our relationships with hopes of better understanding one another. What are your thoughts?