One of the saddest things in the world is to have a guy get caught cheating on his girl. Often when he gets caught it is for the dumbest of reasons. You’ve heard the excuses. You need help – you don’t want to get caught cheating on your girl. Never fear – we are here to teach you how to effectively cheat on your girl. At this point you may be thinking “why are you helping me cheat on my girl?” I know it seems it strange that a site that is largely about empowering males to be better men would endorse an article that teaches guys how to cheat on their girl. Well, here it is. There is only one small caveat – we are talking about cheating on your girl with your lady.

First, it is about remembering that you are always going to find other women attractive just as she will find other men attractive. You must embrace this concept as reality sooner than later. Women will find you more attractive because you are in a relationship and in some cases will want to experience your presence as a result. A good relationship makes you emit something that can’t be quantified or qualified – it just happens. Some call it pheromones; some call it love swag. But whatever you call it – know it happens and women pick up on it and it will draw them.

So you’re in a relationship that is quality. But you find yourself sexually drawn to other women and them to you. The temptation is becoming irresistible- so much so that you have begun to think about setting something up with this other woman who is more than willing to liaise with you. You’ve started plotting the time it’ll take to do it and you find yourself feeling something like Richard Cooper in “I Think I Love My Wife”. What do you do? The time has come for you to cheat on your lady with your girl.

How do you do that? One, stop thinking about her as just your girl/lady/honey/wife etc. She is far more than that. She is your private dancer. She is your freak. She is your personal adult film star. She will put on basically any hat to make you happy and to keep you wanting more provided you’re willing to do the same for her. Most women are not afraid to be completely open with you intimately because a woman knows that being a prude sexually will not get and keep the longevity of your interest and the relationship.

Two, flirt with her all the time in multiple ways. Flirt with her like when you first met her. Flirt with her like you don’t know her – like you’ve just met her for the first time. Flirt with her when she least expects it. Flirt like the biggest flirt in the world. They are studies that show that flirting actually makes a sex better over the long run of a relationship. Flirt.

Three, spontaneity is priority. The bedroom is cool but some of the best experiences start or happen outside of the bedroom. There is a reason the seats in your car recline. There is more than one reason why the counter tops in kitchens are wide enough to sit on. Take advantage of those moments of the unexpected. Scheduled sex is not intimate or fun – it is a task and no one likes to do anything simply because they “have to”.

Four, talking “dirty” is a good thing. Just because she is your main squeeze or your little flower doesn’t mean that you can’t talk nasty to her sexually. But know your woman. If she is overly sensitive about name calling, calling her “your little slut or whore” in bed will not be good for you in the long run.

Five, occasional role play is good for the soul. Send her random notes. Tell her to go to a bar or restaurant. Show up and talk to her like you’ll are just meeting for the first time. Act like you’re new in town and looking for a good time. It might sound cheesy but playing the game can be a lot of fun and break up the monotony of your sex life.

So how do you cheat on your girl with your lady? Don’t ever forget what drew you to her and her to you. Evolution is expected but there will always be core things that constantly remind us of what us of why we chose each other. The premise is simple. We can live our fantasies with the one we are committed.

A man's deepest fear shouldn't be that he's inadequate; it should be that he is not pushing himself to be what he is meant to be - Max