Carol Hu

I realized that talking to my ex-girlfriend is pointless and truly a waist of my time overall. I have no intention of getting back together with her at all — ever. I’m moving on with my life. I’ve never been a fan of the idea of men and women remaining close friends after a breakup, especially if there are no attachments such as kids or marriage. I’m not saying that we can’t be cordial by saying hello if we bump into each other out in public. What I’m saying is that I don’t see any point of us carrying on daily conversations and acting as if the two of us are still involved. She constantly nags about what I’m doing, who I’m talking to and where I’m at as if it’s any of her concern. That’s none of her business at this point. Some days we argue over past things that happened during our relationship which is over and done with. Getting upset about things that occurred in the past is pointless.

She keeps throwing herself at me, making sexual slurs, offering sexual favors, trying to catch me off guard but it doesn’t work. I am no longer attracted to her at all. I can’t even trick myself into thinking that I want any parts of her right now. I have made up my mind and it is set in stone that I want new p—y. I don’t want to go back to the woman I had, I want to experience something brand new. I want to have sex with no emotions involved. My ex can’t give me that. I think my ex is sprung out on the fact that we used to have sex without a condom. Now that we aren’t together I don’t trust doing that anymore. What if we have sex and she gets pregnant on purpose (because she’s crazy like that)? I feel as though I am currently in the clear; no babies from her, no STDs and when I do hook up with the next chick I will be back to wearing a condom — practicing safe sex. It’s no big deal.

I’m not looking for a relationship anymore. I’m currently just looking for women to have great sex with. That is all. Call me crazy but I think relationships are overrated. Society is set up for men to cater and kiss women ass all day and I’m just not into all of that. Sorry but not sorry.

Bottom line is my ex-girlfriend needs to move on and so do I. I actually went about 3 months without talking to her after the breakup but all of a sudden we started talking again. I’m not sure if this was a mistake or not but I’m certain that we do not need to talk every single day; once or twice a month would be okay. Talking to an ex is pointless in the grand scheme of things. It sometimes feels as though we are still in a relationship only without the title. She tells me she loves me, I don’t respond, she gets offended and somewhat upset. Before you know it, we are right back to square one.

  • Karma

    Question Luke…..then why do you talk to her?