Wrong Woman

I say this not to offend nor hurt anyone feelings in particular, but there are times or situations where we may feel we that we are mentally ready for a strong meaningful and monogamous relationship with all of its essence, and have possibly chosen the wrong woman. Now hear me out for a few minutes as I discuss this very popular topic amongst the masses. This brief blog that I am conjuring is not here to deter any male from loving and cherishing their beloved woman, significant other, or spouse; be clear we all have experienced a moment in our lives concerning thus very issue even if it was just for a second. In most cases, it is always the timing of our temporary allowance to let our guards down and seek further nurturing of our souls with another, so we may think.

There has been an occasion or two that I have encountered these types of feelings of bewilderment okay let me be honest probably every woman I have dated until I got married…LOL…yeah I know I am a mess.  I took our physical chemistry and bypassed her negative habits, including all the red flags that I blew off because she had a fat booty. It is amazing what a fat booty or boobs can easily misguide a man into an unwanted and stressful relationship all in the sake of looks. The temporary act of lust enabled me to fall trap to her exhausting and intense sex with no stimulating conversation outside of “You want to F around?”

I blatantly ignored all of my feelings informing me that, hey guy she does not even talk to you as much these days, not like in the beginning of your relationship. Question is, “Does she even know you?” We have five minutes of initial conversation better known as “Small Talk” and went straight to the doggy position in a matter of minutes. I would stay up afterwards while she slept sound asleep in my bed wondering “Why I am settling for a piece of ass versus happiness?” At first, I thoroughly enjoyed the lack of conversation and treated it as a blessing that she is not a nag towards me. But, at some point I began to notice that she always wanted things her way, on her terms, and could care less what happened to me throughout the day. It is bad when you come home to your so called loved on after a bad day and you cannot even vent to them; all they want to do is use sex as the answer for every cure. No support system other than her vagina.

Whew what a ride, but these relationships do not always tend to have enough substance to sustain the test of time. And boy her fat booty and vivacious curves had me in a trace. When she would act all stubborn, spoiled, or self-centered I simply would give in to the sex over and over. Honestly, if a woman is fine enough; we as men, love to shun away all of her negative attributes just so we can have some sort of self-glory that we got a “Bad Bitch” on our team to sport around town with. Yes, tis true, it is a damn shame we submit to the physical as much as I hate to admit it.

Sometimes I found myself chattering a bit too much about my past, therefore letting my guard down in the name of love, so I thought. Telling her all of my confessions thinking that I am in a long-term relationship because we have been together for more than three months. All this time scared to let the fine chick go. Finally, I met her cousin one day. She was nothing short of a dime. Literally she was a 10 out of 10. Put my current girl to shame. Crazy thing is she saw me as a good man and confided in me with a lot of her relationship issues with her exes and vice versa. We would talk for hours on the phone and in person on a strictly plutonic level serenading off of each other’s aura going back and forth about life. But, once we started to ask one another the “What If” questions then we began to notice each other in a different light. She would notice how her cousin and I would not really converse on the level that we do, as did I towards her exes.

My woman did not even take notice to her cousin and I chatting more so than with each other. If I had of been in my younger days this would have been a perfect relationship. Little talking but lots of action in the sheets. Yes, it is amazing, but at the cost of what my time and efforts. I have already wasted too much time previously with the random chicks and I was ready for the long haul, not necessarily marriage but a relationship with meaning to know I actually have someone in my corner through it all. So I said forget that I am going after who I really want. Funny thing is she beat me to it. One day we was talking and she just asked me up front “Am I feeling her in the type of way?” So, you already know the answer to that question without hesitation, I said “Hell Yeah”. Crazy part is we still together today happily married with the same great sex, conversations, and a slew of kids between us to keep us busy. Sometimes in life you have to handle your business and we are not always destined to meet our future soul mates in a conventional type manner. At times, it can happen in the bizarre scenarios. I was ready for the right relationship but was with the wrong woman. What are some of your thoughts!