Football season is upon us – what a glorious time of year. The sound of crowds cheering, pads colliding and helmets cracking is back. Order has been restored to the universe as we know it. But alas, the season can’t be perfect. There is an outlier among us. A heated force that must be addressed before it explodes and does damage that reverberates beyond control and repair. Your significant other hates this time of year. They despise it. They don’t get the hype. They acknowledge its presence – but can’t stand it.

Man Logic is here to help you enjoy one of the best times of year while maintaining your relationship or marriage. We cordially present the “Relationship Rules For Peace During Football Season”:

Rule #1: Always use “Madden” as a pre-introduction for your time during football season

Since the “Madden” game typically is released a few weeks prior to the start of the season, most fans who are gamers as well play it quite a bit before the season starts. Call Madden your pep rally for the season. But it can be a beneficial tool in helping you get your significant other on board for how much you are into the upcoming season. It’s in the game!!!

Rule #2: Prioritize the schedule well in advance

Most of us have a particular team we follow – whether it is a college or NFL team (or both in a lot cases). If you are a USC fan, you typically know when they are playing on TV. If you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, same thing. If you have to watch both teams every weekend, that is fine. But spending all day Saturday and all day Sunday watching every single game for four months can lead to trouble for you with your significant other. But if you just happen to be one of those of who must watch every game,  we understand – which leads to…..

Rule #3: Maximize Quality Time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays

This must be done without appearing to do so. Your significant other doesn’t need to know that you are putting away brownie points so you can enjoy the season in peace. On these days, don’t even mention football if at all possible. Don’t say anything about Fantasy Football. Don’t say anything about the upcoming game this weekend. TWF (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays) is all about the significant other. Whatever they want to do – do it. Especially because you aren’t missing any games to do it…

Rule #4: Make them apart of the experience if possible

They don’t like football because they don’t understand it. Have them watch a game with you. Answer their questions. It is not like we are in the old days where you couldn’t pause live TV. Hit the pause button real quick, answer the question and keep it moving. Use it as a part of the quality time. Eat during the game together. Spend three hours doing what you want and giving them what they want too.

Rule #5: Halftime can be Gametime

Quickie is the word here. Nothing like enjoying the second half of the game after a good one. You might even miss the start of the third quarter. Who cares? Use that pause button to your advantage. Once you’re done, play catch up while fast forwarding through the commercials and get back to the game in real time.

Rule #6: Find them a team to root for or follow:

If they came into the relationship with a team in advance, that is great. One less task for you to toil with as you try to get them on board for football season. But if they don’t have one, turn them on to one (preferably yours). Buy them a t-shirt. Get them some paraphernalia. Whatever it takes to hook them, do it. It’ll make live a bit easier on you during the season.

Rule #7: Being with a fellow fan is an achievable and realistic dream

It is every man’s dream to have a significant other who is into football season as much as they are. Game days are priority and plans are not made to conflict with game time. When you start dating, find out their thoughts on football. Find out if they have a team or know any players. You can save yourself a lot of potential headaches if you do the proper research early. Additionally, setting the sports standard early on is vital to the survival of the relationship long term.

Rule #8: Friendly wagers are welcome in a “House Divided”

Let’s break this down. You are Raiders fan. Your significant other is a Broncos fan. Your teams are in the same division. They play each other twice a year. It is a rivalry. Use that to your advantage. Every time your teams play each other, make a bet. Conversely, when your teams play other teams – do the same thing. If your teams don’t play in the same division – that is fine too. Every time they play each other, have some fun with it.

Bonus Rule: Trash talk is welcome, if…..

They can handle it. You can get so obsessed if your team is doing well and if your significant others team is not. Know the line when it comes to trash talking to your significant other because they could take it from being playful to getting personal. And that is exactly what you do not want because you will pay for it.

Of course, there are more rules. But the bottom line is what do you want for the season? Do you want to enjoy it? Or do you want to be in house where enjoying football season is a dubious proposition at best because you haven’t found a balance between football and your relationship? Remember, the battle is often won before it is even fought….

Enjoy the Season!!!!

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