Charlie Bang

The first date is something we all dread. You went through that first process of getting the phone number or making contact to set up the date, in which a woman can change her mind and decide she’s not interested anymore. Yep, just like that. In a 24 hour period you can go from the hottest thing to the coldest thing. Sometimes it’s about just trying to make it to the first date. The first date can make or break you, so I’ve decided to drop a bit of knowledge on things that may or may not lead you to success. I don’t mean success in the way of being invited up for coffee the same night. I mean in the interest of scoring a second date.

DO pick a location that you are familiar with so that it makes you seem knowledgeable about the area you are in. It may be fun to learn together, but you definitely want to establish yourself as a person who can take charge of a situation. This also involves doing a recon and knowing where the hell you are going.

DON’T show up two hours early and be standing outside like a simp. It makes you look desperate. Sit in your car or off to the side somewhere and be cool. Wait until you get a text or phone call from her and then make your entrance.

DO show up a few minutes late or exactly right on time. Even if you aren’t busy, it makes you appear to have a life outside of dating women, this is important. Remember you need to edify yourself as much as possible to elevate your status. The more impressive you seem the better.

DON’T lie. This is one of the worst ways to start off a new relationship.

DO understand what topics you shouldn’t talk about on the first date. Avoid politics, religion and sensitive topics like those. Talk about fun interests, hobbies and topics that will keep the conversation on a happy note.

DON’T make it totally obvious that you are trying to bang her. Be causal, play it cool. As long as you behave like a person the sex will come. As soon as she senses that you are a giant thirst bucket… it’s over. Comment on her eyes, style and her general overall appearance.

DO act like a gentlemen, don’t overdo it, but be sure to do at least basic things. Hold the door, pull her chair out, let her order first. Sometimes it’s ok to place the order for both of you. Let her know that chivalry isn’t dead, but don’t treat her like a child.

DON’T be in a rush to end the date. If everything is going well suggest a place to go and talk some more. Park, bar, anyplace that is a comfortable environment for conversation.

DO recommend places where you can engage conversation for the first date. The movies is actually a bad idea. You can’t really talk at all.

Finally, DON’T be a dick…

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.