If You’re Reading This It’s to Late

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Aubrey “Drake” Graham is a well known rap artist throughout the world. In my personal opinion one of the best entertainers in music currently. Even though many would say that there isn’t much to compare with. Honestly, the rap industry has been falling since the mid 2000’s. Today, most rappers make music with no substance… Read more »

Marvel…The Cinematic Universe Rankings

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As a child, I became interested in comic books by constantly stopping in a small shop to read them over. I had little money so I couldn’t purchase them but the owner was nice enough to let me read them in house. However, the first comic I ever received was, “The Death of Superman”. My… Read more »

Key & Peele – The End Of An Era

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In 2005, when Dave Chappelle walked away from his enormously popular and groundbreaking sketch comedy show “Chappelle Show”, a void was left with a dire need to be filled.  “Chappelle Show” wasn’t the first of its kind – but it was the first to be truly allowed no limits in terms of content and presentation…. Read more »

What Your Gaming Says About You

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To understand gamers, you first have to understand what it means to be one. Gaming these days is not merely a hobby, it’s a culture. When you immerse yourself in it you effectively become part of a cult. Yes, a cult. Just like the die hard sports fans or actual Satan worshipers. It’s pretty much… Read more »

Jurassic World! (Spoilers)

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This weekend I went to see Jurassic World in 3D! I set the bar really low as to not be disappointed and I was pleased with my viewing. I thought the movie would start off by giving viewers a huge backstory and wasting at least 30 minutes of our time. At this time in Jurassic… Read more »

Jay-Z Vs. Nas Part 1 (The Takeover)

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In my lifetime…(see what I did there?) one of the most epic rap beefs took place. Two heavy hitters squared off due to some personal issues and instead of taking it to the streets, they kept it on records. At that time period in hip-hop and even today, most rappers claim to live a “thug”… Read more »

Where Did Hip-Hop Go?? Part I

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“Times have changed… and it’s cool to look bummy and be a dumb dummy and disrespect your mummy. Have you forgotten… who put you on this Earth? Who brought you up right… and who loved you since your birth?”: “Hey Young World” – Slick Rick Recently, I turned on a local “hip-hop” station while driving… Read more »

Loyalty In Sports??

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One of my favorite movies is “American Gangster” starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Throughout the movie there are several powerful and quotable moments. The scene that stands out to me is the part where Frank Lucas (played by Washington) visits Italian mob boss Dominic Cattano (played by Armand Assante) at his home.  In the… Read more »

Million Dollar Baby Vs. Girl Fight

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female boxer

I’m a big fan of sports movies. It really doesn’t matter what sport, I just find them exciting and motivating. Some sports movies try too hard, while others truly reach down and give you what you’ve been looking for. One example of this is Rudy, which is nothing short of a classic. It is more… Read more »

New Information For The Big City

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man in street

You’ve decided to let go of your old life and move to a new city. You’re a big city person by nature and love to get out and see the sites. You may be looking for a club or bar, museum, something historical or maybe you’re into the more risque lifestyle. Now, the internet is… Read more »