Marius Boatca

Power, is very attractive. I myself am attracted to women in powerful positions. When Condoleezza Rice was Secretary of State, I found her to be very attractive despite her age. If we are speaking on fictional characters, Wonder Woman would be at the top of this list of attractive powerful women. Women find powerful men attractive as well, but be advised that men happen to find themselves in more powerful roles naturally just because it’s the current way of the world. However, a woman can grow to be so independent that despite her attractiveness and what she can offer, she becomes very difficult or almost too easy to get along with. I know, “too easy to get along with” sounds like a contradiction but when she doesn’t care at all what you do, maybe you should be a bit concerned. Is this a man’s dream? A woman that lets you come and go as please, doesn’t really require you to do much, never nags you, and lets you live a totally carefree life. This is what every man has always wanted; or is it?

Part of the reason we build a relationship with someone else is to engage them on a regular basis. The super independent woman needs nothing from you. You merely fit in the scheduled time that she has set aside for non professional human interaction. She probably won’t be much of a mother as the au pair (live in nanny) , will take care of those needs for the children. A super independent woman is more focused on her career than you and your comings and goings, which can lead to some bad things. Eventually the interaction between the two of you will be more like a co-worker or work friends than a lover. She may even be more apt to cheat on you and here’s why. She spends a lot of time at work so she identifies with her work life rather than her home life. Remember she doesn’t really require you to be in her life, you are there for the convenience. If she cheats it may not even seem like a big deal to her. She will think of it from the guy perspective of, “It’s just sex.”

When you go to pick your mate, you must be aware of these things. While you may not want a housewife, the other extreme is just the same. The housewife may eventually no longer work to make herself attractive, gain weight, and nag you to death but she will be loyal. The super independent woman will give you your freedom but it comes with a price. She won’t need you for sex, for love, for anything but convenience. However, she will be successful, confident, and able to take charge in any situation. The best thing to do when picking a mate is to find balance. That balance is somewhere between housewife and super independent woman.

Batman stole all his stuff from me. I could totally beat up Liam Neeson.