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I’ve always wondered what would happen if I were to depart from the earth before seeing my son grow to be an adult. This day and age, especially with my current profession it is entirely possible. There are so many things I would want to say, so many pieces of life information I would want to share. The whole point of growing older is to be able to share this knowledge with others, so they can learn from your mistakes. Who else better to share with than my own son?


To My Son,


If you notice I have made a mistake immediately in writing this letter to you. I capitalized all the words at the top, and some people will judge me for it right away. I may be wrong, but I did that to show you that bending the rules is sometimes necessary to get your point across. I’ve done that a lot in my lifetime and I don’t regret one minute of it. Your mother at one time was the love of my life and I bent several of my own rules because I thought she was the key to my happiness. I turned out to be wrong, but it didn’t matter because I was confident of my decision at the time. Always be confident in your decisions and never let them see you sweat. One of the many things I learned from dating your mother was that rules are essential to your own success and once I decided to stick more thoroughly to mine, life became better for me. Your “gut” is a rule, always trust it. If it points you in a certain direction, then it must be that direction that you will proceed in. The first woman you love, will break your heart but it’s okay. I say this because it is the way of our family. It will only make your stronger. When she breaks your heart, have a drink, get a lap dance, and be sure to bang another girl as soon as possible to get her off of your mind. Don’t date this next girl at all. Don’t get to know her, don’t take her anywhere special. Use her as a catalyst to forget your first love. For when you finally meet the woman of your dreams, the last thing you want to bring with you into that relationship is the baggage from your last.

You can work yourself to death or do what makes you happy. Make sure to find a balance in both. All work and no play…you know the saying. Sometimes you will live on impulse, just don’t let it ruin you. Living on impulse is how you beat your friends to the end of your bucket list. Remember in the end, everything is a competition…even the friendly ones. Trust in your intelligence first and muscles second. The strong and dumb usually die first, the smart and weak live in fear. You were fortunate enough to inherit both, so use them wisely. Learn as much as you can, but don’t spend your whole life inside the classroom. Experience the world, get out and see with your eyes instead of trusting a book, or what a mouth that tells you. Never trust the media. Your best interest is not of their concern. You will have many friends in your life. Some worth it and some not worth a damn. Be mindful of who you trust, be wary of family the most. It’s often the ones closest to you that want the most from you. Your own priorities come first, and until you have children of your own, then everyone else is second. Take care of your sister. She’s the only one that shares the exact same blood as you. As she grows, she will need you the most. Comfort her when boys break her heart and protect her as much as you can against anyone that would wish to do her harm. As the representers of my lineage, the two of you will have much to accomplish.

Finally, never doubt my love for you. Having been raised as I was, those emotions may not have always been clear, but trust me I’ve never loved anyone as much as my own flesh and blood. This is more than I can say for some people I’ve known. Always love your mother, she has her faults as do I, but it’s what makes her special. You’ve only got one of everything…cherish it.




Your Father



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