Philip Estrada

Let’s face it, we can’t always be available. Every time the phone rings, we can’t always pick up. And even if we could, we shouldn’t. Here are a few reasons and benefits as to why you shouldn’t answer.

Make Her Think About You

Depending on where you’re at in your friendship / relationship, her not being able to reach you will either 1) make her miss you more or 2) think about you less. It will also make her wonder where you are, who you’re with and what you’re doing. She will experience positive and / or negative thoughts based on the situation and based on her own personality. If she misses you and is excited to hear from you, you will know. You should be able to gauge by the initial tone of her voice when you finally do make contact again.

Make Her Upset

Sometimes it’s good to make her upset. Sometimes it’s good to piss women off in general. Most of the time we do this to get a reaction. Women do it too. A little bit of drama can make things less stale in relationships, especially if things have become routine. You need to be prepared though. Depending on her level of respect for you, this may lead to a heated argument or just a quick stint of emotion from her. She may ask you questions like “Where were you?!” or “Why didn’t you answer your phone?” A good response would be “Duhhh… I don’t know. I was busy.” That is sure to piss her off.

Appear To Be More Important

Even if you don’t, it is good to act like you have better things to do. You will appear to be more important to her because you have things going on in your life. You aren’t just sitting around twiddling your thumbs while doing nothing. You actually have a plan and a purpose. Hard working men don’t have time to exchange text messages and / or chat on the phone all day, nor do we want to. We have more productive things to do with our time. We need to be able to support our family and improve our career. With that being said, keep talk time to a minimum.

Focus And Productivity

Sometimes while working, we get in what we call the zone. A simple phone call or text message can be very distracting and counterproductive. Especially, if it takes you out of your zone. Phone calls from women usually take up about 30 minutes to an hour; maybe even longer. For every 30 minute discussion, 25 minutes are spent on elaborate details of what could have been a 5 minute conversation. Don’t let her talk a hole through your head while having you lose your focus. Learn not to answer the phone in these situations.

Give You More Control

Let her know that you aren’t desperate to hear from her. Most women only like to talk when it’s convenient for them with no regard for what you got going on or what you’re doing at the time. If you tell her you’re busy, she will want to talk to you more. She may lead with “Real quick…” or “I just wanted to say…” and next thing you know, 6’oclock is now 7’oclock. Don’t always make yourself accessible and you will have some leverage. She doesn’t control when you talk, you do. You are catering to her emotions by giving her talk time and roll over minutes. By missing her calls, she may begin to feel like you’re slipping away. She might be willing to have sex with you in order to draw you closer and keep you around. This is what you want so don’t give up any control.

She Will Appreciate You More

She will appreciate you more when you finally do get around to calling her. She will be happy to see your name appear on her caller ID / cell phone because she finally has your attention. She may say a few crazy things when you reconnect but don’t be baffled by it. Simply let her know that you won’t always be available and she’ll have to except that. I guarantee, she will bicker and complain about how she doesn’t understand XYZ. Hear her out. Let her talk and then miss a few calls the next day.